[MISC] Plot vs. Character

Jesse Willey cabbagewielder at yahoo.com
Sat Sep 2 22:32:53 PDT 2006

> This brings us to RACC.  It's really cool when
> somebody is writing
> their hundredth issue or so and they have a lot of
> plot threads to draw
> on but sometimes it is just interesting to read
> about characters.
> Jesse has been criticized for expecting people to
> have read everything
> he's written.  But he's not alone in this sense. 
> Tom Russell, on the
> other hand, tries to make almost everything he
> writes a jumping on
> point by providing a full page of exposition at the
> beginning of each
> story: sometimes it's better to jump in mid res and
> explain things as
> you go along.  Mid res.  That's actually a term I
> picked up from Tom
> himself, oddly enough.  I should reiterate that I
> don't think issue
> summaries are a bad thing: I love the fact that
> Marvel does them and I
> wish that DC would do them.  But summaries, by
> definition, should be
> brief.

  It's not like I don't do character driven stories. 
The whole point of ABC was to do stories that are
entirely first person narration so the reader would
only get one character's point of view.  Their
thoughts and feelings.  Who these people are. 
  In ABC, the readers reactions to events are colored
by the narrator.  I've wanted to, since the start of
the series, do a multipart Rashomanesque story where
most if not the entire story is exactly the same
dialogue/plot 2-4 issues in a row.  I know, it'd put
the audience to sleep-- but if read individually each
character (and hopefully) the audience would find each
character to be absolutely justified in doing what
they do.  I just haven't figured out that story yet.  

> Tom and I have been talking over by e-mail about
> icons: besides
> established superheroes and gangbangers, we also
> have detectives,
> rookie cops, medical examiners, district attorneys
> and defense lawyers.

  I actually have a really creepy idea about defense
attornies-- but I may never write it.

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