Meta: Tuckerizations and Character Names

Arthur Spitzer arspitzer at
Tue Nov 28 16:41:43 PST 2006

cabbagewielder at wrote:

> Arthur-- we never talked much.  I always thought you were
> just a tad crazy.  I'm sorry I probably won't be doing that Peelix
> Christmas special-- cause you were one of the people I was gonna try to
> interview.   It would have been funny as hell.  Parker-- ya' better
> have those photos on my desk by Tuesday.   I got find proof that
> Spider-Man is working with those half-wits Stiltman and Doc Ock.

Sorry, Jesse, I've got a Sanest Man Alive certificate signed by the
Super Secret Society of Saneologists that would suggest differently.

Arthur "Cackling Sanely" Spitzer

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