LNH: Master Blaster in "Dyawanfriwitha?"

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Fri Nov 24 19:52:02 PST 2006

Jamas Enright wrote:
> Master Blaster in "Dyawanfriwitha?"


What I like about Jamas's Master Blaster stories (this one and his
version of Insufficient Postage) is the degree of mayhem involved.
When I write Master Blaster, he's just an incredibly sexist and idiotic
boob with a sick streak of cruelty.

When Martin Phipps, his creator, writes him, he's not _that_ bad: he
has his flaws, but he is, in the end, some kind of hero.  It is,
admittedly, a more "realistic" take on the character he created than
mine, or Jamas's.

But while I concentrate on offending as many people as possible, Jamas
brings out the Rambo in Master Blaster, the gun fetishist-- the mayhem,
the action.  Something I could never write well.

And I'm glad Jamas is writing this kind of gonzo violent take on the
caesar of cool, because I think it balances out my gonzo pervy take,
and that both kind of melt together with Martin.

It's like Jamas is Jameel, I'm Joltin' Jeff McCoskey, and Martin is,
um, Martin, and we're all writing our different versions of Catalyst
Lass, with Martin trying to synthesize them!

Only, I don't think these different takes are going to result in the
same type of Catalyst Lass/Hell Catalyst split--- because I think the
thing that's brilliant about Martin's character is that he can
withstand the diverse characterizations he is subject to.  Just like
Ultimate Ninja.

And that's why I think Master Blaster should win Favourite Protagonist
at the next RACCies.  Not because I wrote him the way I did, or because
Jamas wrote him the way he did, but because the character is complex
enough to accomodate both characterizations.

>        "Yes, okay. Now it's time to help these people. Is there any
> particular gun you'd like?"
>        "I doubt we'll be needing any guns. Whatever's going on here
> shouldn't pose any problems for us... oh, cute!" wReanna finished as Rob
> held up a pink snub-nosed pistol for her.

_That_ is by far the most awesome wReanna moment, ever, hands down.

>        "The dead have risen and are voting? They're Republicans, right?"

Certainly one way to energize their base. :-)

>        Sister State-the-Obvious sighed, exasperation overriding her fear.
> "They are *not* dead. They're drugged and they're ready to vote!"
>        "So... is this like some plan we've just uncovered where Hex
> Luthor is trying to influence people with drugs to re-elect him for a
> third term, even though that's forbidden by the Loonited States
> Constitution?"
>        Sister State-the-Obvious blinked. "Um, I'm not sure..." she said
> hesitantly. "If... you like..."

What Sister State-the-Obvious hasn't told her husband is, even if Hex
Luthor was able to run for a third term, it wouldn't happen for two
more years yet. :-)

Personally, I think Master Blaster's still steamed about not being
elected President at the beginning of the year when he ran. ;-)

> Authors Notes:
> I had the idea of "President Evil" long ago, but I doubt this idea was
> restricted to only a few brilliant minds. And then I saw the President
> Evil series, and thought I might tie into that... but didn't want to
> deal with all those Random Heroes.
> So, how much of this ties into that series (or more recent gorilla
> related activities),


> and how much Master Blaster's theory is what's
> really going on... I'm going to leave to others to decide.

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