BP: Precogs For Whenever...

Tim Munn drtimphd at gmail.com
Thu Nov 23 22:08:14 PST 2006

Yes, I have some precogish material I'm sharing, partly because its
mostly done, partly for self-motivational purposes.

The Firsts:

Mail-Order Super-Heroes-- #1 is ready to be typed (I did it the long
way) and posted.  The title pretty much says it all.  Plus, the main
character is Stop-Drop-and-Roll Lass from Possible Man.

Bob & Charlie-- Pretty much the same here, #3 is nearly done.  Written
the long way, and on a single sheet of lined paper, much like No-Point
Lad & Dismal-Hope Kid.  Set during the Vietnam War.

A yet to be named mini-series-- Which is somewhat written, only because
#1 wanted to be part of the Vocabulary Challenge.  (Yes, I do have an
entry.)  Plus, the mini-series does tie in with Scenes In the Life of
Possible Man...

Which leads us to...
The Seconds:

Scenes In the Life of Possible Man #5-- I wrote a page two nights ago,
not great, but with tweaking it could work.

Snow Commander and the World Below-- The sequel to Boring Man Saves
Canada.  I'd expect this one January-ish...

Pointless Posting Man #5-- I'm going to revisit this again shortly and
see if it doesn't pop itself out this time...

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