8FOLD: The Nostalgics # 1 [CONTEST OVER]

Tom Russell milos_parker at yahoo.com
Wed May 31 22:43:19 PDT 2006

The contest for THE NOSTALGICS # 1 is hereby over.  Here, then, is the

>    My parents were good people.  Their passing grieved
> me, but it also strengthened a determination that had
> been growing in my mind.  I was twenty-four years old,

This is a reference to the original classic two-page Superman origin
story.  In its pentultimate panel, which depicts with Batman-esque
moodiness, the adult Clark Kent standing before two graves, the caption

"The passing away of his foster-parents greatly grieved Clark Kent.

(Emphasis mine.)

The next contest is less for the comics historians and more for the
casual RACCer; in my Eightfold work, I've introduced many characters,
some of them as passing references, others as more substantial
creations.  One of these characters will be joining the ranks of The
Nostalgics with our second issue.

You've already met two of The Nostalgics-- Reilly and Jason.  Of the
other two, one is a new character, and one has been introduced in
another Eightfold title.  Between now and the publication of THE
NOSTALGICS # 2, I'll be leaving clues as to whom this person might be.

Feel free at any time to speculate on who fits the bill, where you saw
him/her, and why.  (Please don't just copy and paste names from the
roster: that'd be cheating.)  When THE NOSTALGICS # 2 is posted, the
contest will end and the first person to correctly guess the character
in question recieves the prize promised with our first contest: namely,
an autographed special edition DVD of my feature-length motion picture.


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