LNH/ACRA/TEB: Net.heroes on Parade TEB Vol. # 3: Gary Niceguy Blues

Tom Russell milos_parker at yahoo.com
Tue May 23 20:08:52 PDT 2006

Arthur Spitzer wrote:

> Hmm.  Looking at this I think the problem isn't that you gave Sarcastic Lad
> a son, but the way you wrote Sarc as a very callous bastard.

Actually, I've always seen Sarc as a very callous bastard-- except with
those persons with whom he has an emotional investment.  He's biting
and caustic, but he's always there for a friend, to watch his back, et
cetera.  Gary, however, is not really his friend.  He's an unwanted
post-script to a fondly-remembered orgy.

>From time to time, I've tried to write a story in which Sarc basically
alienates everyone around him and has to spend Christmas or his
birthday alone.  But I'm really not good at writing dialogue for Sarc,
at making him properly sarcastic and witty.

All Sarc's good lines in PIGS IN TIME come from Martin.


Hell, all the good lines in PIGS IN TIME come from Martin.  That's why
he gets top-billing. :-)

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