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> PARADE Vol. 3
> Gary Niceguy Blues
> "That's all good and great, kid," said Sarc.  "But,
> really?  I don't care."
> "But I'm your son!"
> "You're some of my sperm and an egg, kid," said
> Sarc.  "That doesn't make me your father.  That
> doesn't make you my son."
> "But my mom's dead.  I don't have anyone left."
> Except Maddie.
> Sarc shrugged.  "Look, I'm sorry about your mother.
> She was a nice lay.  But, you seem to be doing pretty
> good on your own, Gary Niceguy.  I like the name, by
> the way."
> "Thanks."
> "Next time you're up on the moon, why don't your
> bring some of the girls down with you?  I wouldn't
> mind a visit, if you know what I mean."
> "Sure.  Sure."

Hmm.  Looking at this I think the problem isn't that you gave Sarcastic Lad
a son, but the way you wrote Sarc as a very callous bastard.

I mean, sure, Sarc is a jerk and an asshole -- but I'd like to think that he
has at least some redeeming qualities... that he wouldn't piss on someone
who he thought was his son... he might be skeptical that this was some
supervillain scam or something... but I don't think Sarc would ever be this

Of course I know this was written a long time ago...

Arthur "Father issues?" Spitzer

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