[LNH] Onion Lad #7

Jesse Willey cabbagewielder at yahoo.com
Fri May 5 11:17:25 PDT 2006

>How exactly do SStO's powers work?  Can she
>only comment on those obvious things she sees with
>her own eyes, or is she also able to comment on
>things that may be obvious only to the
>reader? (For example, the identity of a villain, or
>the death of a fellow legionnaire.)

  Well... I figure lots of LNHers have died (at least
to an extent) several times now and that with all the
people around acting a certain way would be a
indicator of what had happened.  Thus her ability to
comment on it.

   Also, I didn't about the emotional wait of U.N.'s
death I wrote PLENTY of material.  Some of it down
right wrong.   I expect a full fledged flame war over
some of it.  Saxon 'I love sharing a by-line" Brenton
wrote me some material.  Like the explanation for
Seductress's pregnancy it's in another issue.  I
thought Ultimate Ninja was such an important character
that his funeral/memorial deserved almost an entire
issue to itself.  

    I don't know if that really makes sense to anyone
else... but it made sense to me.   And it is my story
damn it.    

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