LNH: Haiku Gorilla Adventures # 19

Tom Russell milos_parker at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 20 19:21:58 PST 2006


"Wretched jellyfish!
"he must be brought back!  summon
"Briefcase-Eater Lad!"


Dear Senryu-Ken!,

Who'd win?  Our hero
Or Gothic Gorilla from
Saviors of the Net?

(Couldn't figure out
How to work in season word
On first day of spring.)

--Adrian James McClure

Dear Adrian,

   Haiku Gorilla asked to answer your reply himself:

"Violence is folly
"embrace peace and contemplate
"the cherry blossoms."

  That being said, H. G. would totally kick his ass.

  (C) COPYRIGHT 2006 TOM RUSSELL.  Briefcase-Eater Lad is the creation
of Joltin' Jamie Rosen and used with his permission.

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