META: Your Loved Ones

Tom Russell milos_parker at
Sun Jun 11 18:20:43 PDT 2006

Saxon Brenton wrote:

> Yes.  And I should have included one, but didn't.  That was my mistake.
> Sorry.

Apology accepted. :-)
> >:-P does mean sarcasm or silliness, doesn't it?
> As Martin has already noted, it means being silly and poking one's
> tongue out.

In which case, I'm sorry.

> If you, Tom, by your own analysis, have what we may humorously
> call 'Pretentious Spelling Syndrome', do you use 'aluminum' or
> 'aluminium'?

I don't think I've actually ever had to spell the word.  Let's check.


Okay, as near as I can tell, I've used the word once-- to describe
house siding-- in "Dial M for MPLass # 1", in which I spelt the word

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Why, Saxon.  How forward of you. :-P

There, I did it right that time. :-)


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