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Sun Jun 11 18:02:28 PDT 2006

On Saturday 10 June 2006 Tom Russell <milos_parker at>replied:

>Saxon Brenton wrote:
>>Tut tut, Mr Russell.  After the recent posting of _Easily-Discovered
>>Man_ #46, I *know* there are other writers out there much slower
>>than I am.
>A joke.  That's why I had the smiley.

Yes.  And I should have included one, but didn't.  That was my mistake.

>:-P does mean sarcasm or silliness, doesn't it?

As Martin has already noted, it means being silly and poking one's
tongue out.

Actually, while we're here, it occurred to me yesterday that we're
almost due for the annual posting of Digital JUMP!, and that segues
into me thinking about Digital JUMP!'s supporting cast, which leads
me to wonder...

If you, Tom, by your own analysis, have what we may humorously
call 'Pretentious Spelling Syndrome', do you use 'aluminum' or

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