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	Jennifer sat watching a really horrid movie on TV.   She would have
changed the channel a half hour ago but for some reason the only
signals the building was getting clearly was the this wretched film
starring Corey Feldman and a Nude Women's Underwater Basket Weaving

	A nurse walked up to her bed and began taking Jen's temperature.
The cart she pushed had squeaky wheels and made an awful noise anytime
the nurse moved.  Jen tried to use antigravity on the chart but felt
strained.   Stomper had warned her that would happen with any use of
her powers for a few days.

	"You were right.   There was another way," said the nurse.
"Doctor Stomper found a specialist from the Human Superhuman Genome
Project to come have a look at you.   We'll need to sedate you so he
can run some very painful tests."
	"Alright..." she said.  "Anything for little Dran."

	The nurse put on a gas mask over Jen's face and started to let it
run.   She began feeling light headed and dizzy.    The world began to
spin.   She tried to gain a little focus in the universe.   Her eyes
grabbed hold of the nurse but the universe kept spinning.

	"Wait... I recognize you... you're.... you're not a nurse.
You're Marcia... the middle aged slut who..." Jen said as she
finally fell asleep.
	"Alright, she's out.   Let's go..." Marcia whispered.

	  Vel #17
	Like Father, Like Son part Three of Three
	The Heist
	A Killfile Wars Tie In Event
	By Jesse N. Willey

	Vel rummaged through the supply room.   He shoved various emergency
ration packs into crates.   The crates were on a large dolly.    As
soon they were loaded, he opened the door.

	"Roger that Marcia.   Things are a go," Vel said.

	He began wheeling the dolly down the hall.   He heard a loud scream.
He turned his head and Onion Lad and Terayki Chick were charging right
toward him.   Vel sighed and forced back the urge to kill anything that
came within ten feet of him.

	"Or maybe not," Vel said.
	"Help us!" Onion Lad shouted.
	"Come on, we can take a pantywaist like Doctor
I-Can't-Believe-It's-Not-Butter," Teryaki Chick said.
	"Umm... we needed Vel's help last time," Onion Lad said.
	"That was different," she said.

	Vel ignored his squabbling teammates, turned his head and went running
toward the hangar bay.  He heard Onion Lad screaming at him but he
didn't really listen.   He entered the cargo elevator and began to
descend.   The elevator shook.   The cargo elevator hit the hangar bay
floor with a thud.  The doors opened and Master Blaster appeared to be
doing battle with some sort of power armored individual.  Another set
of armor was lying on the floor next to Master Blaster.

	"Vel, a little help fighting Monark here?" Master Blaster asked.

	Vel pushed his dolly into the cargo bay of his ship.   He slammed the
door shut then opened a channel to the main hangar bay.   With a quick
swivel of his chair he turn typed his access code into the computer.
He only vaguely listened to the channel.  From the window he watched
the energy bolts fly and Master Blaster nearly getting scorched.

	"Go ahead!  Do it!  You know you want to!" the man in the armor
	"Monark" Master Blaster said.
	"Was time's way of protecting itself from what it didn't want to
know," Monark said.  "All things are true.  Even false things."

	Vel glanced over to see Master Blaster dive for the armor on the
floor.   Monark concentrated his fire harder on Master Blaster.   Vel
saw the LNH logo come up on the computer.  He accessed the hyperspatial
corridor controls.

	"Control granted," Vel said.  "Portal should be opening any
minute now."
	"Vel, we have a problem," Marcia said.


	Marcia held onto Khaleem and Dran.   Dran burped and the three of them
went fly in the opposite direction from the portal.   Marcia continued
to struggle forward toward the hyperspatial corridor and kept doing
bizarre flip-flops toward it.   Cheesecake Eater Lad came walking up
from behind her.

	"Halt!  What's going on here?" Cheesecake Eater Lad said.
	"I'm a friend of Vel's.  I'm just... um... babysitting while
Jen gets some rest," Marcia said.   She bounced uneasily up and down
toward the portal with each step.

	aLLIterative Lass came running out of one of the rooms in the medical
bay.  She came up behind Cheesecake Eater Lad.  She pulled out her
samurai sword.

	"Stop saboteur.  I don't know what you did to Seductress... but
drop Dran and don't move!" she said.

	Marcia turned around.  Dran burped again and she went flying through
the portal.   Once she arrived on the ship with the kids, the portal
closed.  Vel looked out the window and saw Master Blaster still
fighting Monark.   Someone else had entered the fray from across the
room.   He couldn't see whom.

	"Aren't you going to help them?" Marcia asked.
	"This is Vel with the Dorfan Diplomatic Cruiser Bloodcurdler.
Requesting permission to depart," Vel said.
	"You'd better hurry up.   I accidentally alerted aLLiterative Lass
and Cheesecake Eater Lad," she said.

	Vel grunted.   The hangar bay doors wouldn't open.

	"Vel, this is Ultimate Ninja.  Permission denied," Ninja said.
	"Fine, we'll do this your way..." Vel said.  "All comm
channels close now."

	Vel tapped a few controls on his shuttle and the cannon targeted
system caught Monark in its sights.   He fired the cannon and Monark
went flying.   The explosion left a hole in the hangar bay doors just
large enough for the ship to get through.

	"What type of diplomatic shuttle has cannons on it?" Marcia asked.
	"Did I say Diplomatic Cruiser?  I meant to say 'Secret Dorfan
Spycraft'.   I guess it is an easy mistake. Anyone could have made
it," Vel said.
	"I thought the Dorfs and the LNH were trying to be a bit more
diplomatic these days," Marcia said.  "That's what you always
said anyway."

	Vel carefully flew the ship through the hole in the cargo bay doors.
He looked at the sad state of LNH HQ.  It currently had so many holes
that it resembled a large metallic piece of Swiss cheese.

	"Beginning launch.   Our next and only stop will be the research
station in the Derfax system.   Make sure you have all your belongings
sealed away safely in the cargo hold.   The Dorfan government is not
responsible for any damaged property.   Thank you and have a nice
flight," Vel said.
	"How can you be so lax at this point," Marcia said.
	"The danger has past for now.  If I didn't get it out of my
system, I'd explode," he said.  "Can you prep a bottle for
	"Sure no problem," Marcia said.  "So why didn't you help
Master Blaster?"
	"I shot Monark, didn't I?" he said.  "That's enough help."
	"You could have done more," she said.
	"And risked not getting out of here?  No friggin' way," he said.

	The ship passed through the atmosphere.   For a fraction of a second
they lost gravity.   Marcia thought that perhaps Dran was getting antsy

	"We have just cleared the atmosphere.   Sorry about that second or
two of uneasiness.   It took the artificial gravity a while to turn on.
 Our meals tonight and for the next two days are LNH field rations,"
he said.

	Jen awoke.   The world slowly came back into focus.   Cheesecake Eater
Lad and aLLiterative Lass were at her side.   He lips were dry.

	"Jen, we have some bad news now," said aLLiterative Lass.
	"Vel... he took him," Jen said.
	"Yeah.   By the time our equipment is good enough for space travel
they'll already be on Derfax," Cheesecake Eater Lad said.

	Jen's eyes began to fill with tears.

	"Let them go," she whimpered.  "Maybe someday, I'll see my
little boy again."

		The End

Jennifer Young and Master Blaster created by Martin Phipps.  Marcia,
Vel, Teryaki Chick, Khaleem and Dran created by Jesse N. Willey.  Onion
Lad created by Tom Russell Jnr. and Dane Martin.  aLLiterative Lass,
Cheesecake Eater Lad and Ultimate Ninja created by wReam.   Monark is
public domain.

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