REVIEW: LNH: Legion of Net.Heroes Vol 2. Annual #1

Tom Russell milos_parker at
Fri Jun 2 07:13:40 PDT 2006

Jesse  >
Martin >>

> > Excess appeared in Flame Wars VI.  Her name is a
> > parody of Access from
> > Marvel vs. DC.  Basically her (and his) power is to
> > have access to
> > other dimensions.  As for who she is, I asked Jesse
> > to explain during
> > Flame Wars VI but I didn't understand what he wrote.
> > :)
>    In classic Marvel Handbook style...


Actually, Jesse, all we really need in terms of this particular story
is something akin to what Martin said.  All this information is
well-and-good, and thanks for posting it, but for your story, in order
to understand the capacity and context in which she appears, all we
need is something like--

   As a guardian of time and space, she had the power to tranverse
various dimensions.  Retcon Lad remembered her from the battle with the
Antimoderator, a battle in which she was instrumental in winning. [*--

-- and that's it.  Maybe another sentence giving RL's general opinion
of her personality.

Really, you don't have to give a reader _all_ the information-- just
give them _all they need_.

The only question I have is, what happened to FLAME WARS V?  IV and VI
happened awfully close together, and yet I find no trace of V.

At any rate, I think it's time we retired the FLAME WARS crossover
banner. :-)


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