REVIEW: LNH: Legion of Net.Heroes Vol 2. Annual #1

Jesse Willey cabbagewielder at
Fri Jun 2 06:11:51 PDT 2006

> Excess appeared in Flame Wars VI.  Her name is a
> parody of Access from
> Marvel vs. DC.  Basically her (and his) power is to
> have access to
> other dimensions.  As for who she is, I asked Jesse
> to explain during
> Flame Wars VI but I didn't understand what he wrote.
> :)

   In classic Marvel Handbook style...

   Autumn Gully was Doctor Jerome Gully's neice.  When
she was a teenager she was abducted by The Shroud.  
Gully made a deal with Shroud for her freedom.   The
deal left Autumn's body with the souls of Shroud's
victims across the centuries.   Each one influencing
her until their goal's were met.  One of the souls was
the one that never reached Pearly White at her birth. 
(Scene in flashbacks in Pearly White.)
   This is the one that was whispering in her head
when she was Mystery (2).   Of course by that point
she had her uncle's ghost acting as a conscience
because he was uncertain if either of them had one and
God told him he had to stay in spite wanting his soul
to finally rest.
    While she was Mystery (2) she raped Boy Redundant
Lad.  Having enjoyed it but wanting a guy with more
experience... she shacked up with Andrew Weinstein for
awhile. (The Team #25-34 or so)
    Eventually, she teamed up with Pearly White's
friends and managed to contain the Shroud's evil power
for another 10,000 years or so.   She also released
the now dead Pearly White's soul.   After that was
done she was deaged several years to the point where
all those souls entered in the first place.(Pearly
White again)
    Seeking redemption for some of the things she'd
done under Pearly White's influence, she used her old
communication card to get back into Team headquarters.
 There she tricked Duplicator into using his new
destroying matter powers on the eyes of time.   The
two of them travelled through temporal limbo and she
was able to absorb the eyes power and become a lord of
time and space. (The Team: Joshua's Calling.) 
     As the guardian of time and space, she helped the
LNH battle The Antimoderator.   Or wfrom the point of
view of this story... she will.  Or went back to do
so.  Whatever.   

    NOW do you see why I cut all that!  It is long,
complicated and entirely unfunny stuff.  I didn't want
to reveal information that would spoil the jokes.  

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