LNH/META: Organic Lass

Jamas Enright thad at eyrie.org
Thu Feb 23 10:30:57 PST 2006

All of these answered should be prefeced with: AFAIK

On Thu, 23 Feb 2006, Tom Russell wrote:

> (1) According to the outdated LNH web roster, Organic
> Lass is "not reserved".  Is this information accurate?

Ori is treated more as "usable with permission", but since no-one's 
contacted Rebecca for a while, it's become more "minor cameo without 
anything major happening to her".

> (2) Does anyone have an email address/contact
> information for Rebecca Drayer?

Not I.

> (3) Does anyone know if she is the same Rebecca A.
> Drayer that lectures at the University of Pittsburgh
> Medical Center?

??? No idea. You could email her and ask (presuming she has email).

> (5) Does Ori prefer Mistress of Molecules (as the
> origin story is titled) or Maid of Molecules (as Pok
> often addresses her)?

Might depend on who said it. :) But which title sounds better "Mistress" 
or "Maid"?

> (10) Tom Russell?

Is he?

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