LNH/META: Organic Lass

Tom Russell milos_parker at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 23 10:03:19 PST 2006

One of the characters tangled up in the WEB OF
MAINSTREAM MAN is the Saint's stalwart straight man,
Pocket Man.  As every LNHer knows, Pok's bride and one
true love is Organic Lass, the creation of Rebecca A.

In an upcoming issue of WEB OF MAINSTREAM MAN, Pok
finds himself in a spot of trouble; at this point, it
would be logical for Ori to make an appearance and
work towards extraditing her husband from his
situation.  This brings up a few questions on my part:

(1) According to the outdated LNH web roster, Organic
Lass is "not reserved".  Is this information accurate?

(2) Does anyone have an email address/contact
information for Rebecca Drayer?

(3) Does anyone know if she is the same Rebecca A.
Drayer that lectures at the University of Pittsburgh
Medical Center?

(4) Besides MISTRESS OF MOLECULES, are there any
stories considered "required reading" for writing Ori?

(5) Does Ori prefer Mistress of Molecules (as the
origin story is titled) or Maid of Molecules (as Pok
often addresses her)?

(6) Have you turned in your RACCie ballot yet?

(7) Too many questions?

(8) Is Superguy still around?

(9) Quick!  Without any assistance, name all of the
Cereal Monsters!  I'll give you Boo Berry to start.

(10) Tom Russell?

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