ADMIN: Moderation relay issues, and how to report problems

Tom Russell milos_parker at
Tue Aug 8 13:39:36 PDT 2006

Eagle wrote:

>    does is shunt a post to me if it doesn't know what to do with it.  Far
>    and away the most common reason for it to do so is because there isn't
>    any keyword in the subject.  Google loves ripping them out of the
>    subject and won't fix it.  It's very annoying.

I use Google groups for responding to messages.  When I click on the
"reply" button, the subject header is often without keyword tags.
However, I've noticed that it only rips out bracketed tags and tends to
leave the coloned (colonated?) ones untouched, i.e., it has a problem
with [LNH] but not with LNH:, with [8FOLD] but not with 8FOLD:, et

The kind of tags one uses is, of course, up to one's preference, but if
one uses Google, I'd strongly suggest using tags with colons as opposed
to tags with brackets.


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