[ADMIN] Moderation relay issues, and how to report problems

Eagle eagle at eyrie.org
Mon Aug 7 21:11:54 PDT 2006

It looks like isc.org has, for some reason, decided that digitally signing
the DNS record for the systems that handles moderation relay mail is a
good idea.  The somewhat old mail server that runs on my local news server
(which eyrie.org uses) can't cope with this.  I expect it's not the only
one.  I've fixed my local server to use one of the relays, but other
systems may have similar problems.

So, it's time for the "what to do if your posts aren't getting through"

 * You can always mail your posts directly to racc at eyrie.org.  This is the
   most reliable way to submit posts and bypasses most of the moderation
   relay infrastructure as well as any news servers.

 * If you make a post and it doesn't show up, you can mail me.  That's
   what I'm here for.  Actually reporting a problem will probably get it
   fixed faster than repeatedly posting annoyed messages to the moderated
   newsgroup that isn't working for you and then complaining about it to
   people who can't actually do anything about it.  (*ahem* This means
   you, dvandom.)

 * I don't drop your posts on the ground for the fun of it.  Nor is there
   some automated system that does so.  The most that the automated system
   does is shunt a post to me if it doesn't know what to do with it.  Far
   and away the most common reason for it to do so is because there isn't
   any keyword in the subject.  Google loves ripping them out of the
   subject and won't fix it.  It's very annoying.

   Anyway, I read my mail at least daily.  I process moderation messages
   whenever I see them.  The software that runs this group has been
   working for a long time.  So if something goes wrong, about the *least*
   likely explanation is "the modbot ate it."  It's also the explanation
   most likely to annoy me, since basically it means you're blaming me for
   a problem that may or may not be my fault.  If your post hasn't shown
   up and I've not mailed you about it, it probably means that I never got
   it, but let me know that so that I can look.

Seriously, if you're having problems using the group, send me e-mail.  I
really do try to respond quickly to reports of problems, or at least look
at them quickly if I don't have time to write mail back right away.

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