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Sun Apr 30 12:21:54 PDT 2006

Adrian James McClure <lord_soldeed at> writes:

> There are a few more small archive problems:

> 1.  Some of Tom Russell's issues aren't word wrapped, so that each
> paragraph is one long line of text.  This makes it very difficult to
> read.  Is there anything you can do about it?  The issues that have this
> problem are all of Speak! (but not the collected editions), the first
> three issues of House of Fiction, Journey Into... #1, the Killfile Wars
> tie-in Carolyn Ampersand Rick, and Teenfactor #131.

I've rewrapped these, although the last two still have some formatting
difficulties.  But they should at least be readable now.

> 2.  You missed one Racccafe post, by Saxon Brenton:


> This goes between the post that's currently #148 and the one that's
> currently #149, that is, the Death of Racccafe.  Which would also make
> Death of Racccafe conveniently be #150.

Oh, good, thank you.  Got that.

> 3.  President Evil #4 is under misc/misc instead of the series' actual
> directory.

Ah, that would be one of those that wasn't actually MISC.

> 4.  You missed the first two issues of LNH Volume 2:



Weird.  Those are obviously stories, so I have no idea how I missed them.
That makes me think they're archived around somewhere odd rather than
missed entirely.  But, anyway, they're in the right place now.

Thank you very much for the catches!  Let me know if you find anything

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