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Sun Apr 30 12:22:28 PDT 2006

Tom Russell <milos_parker at> writes:
> Adrian James McClure wrote:

>> There are a few more small archive problems:
>> 1.  Some of Tom Russell's issues aren't word wrapped, so that each
>> paragraph is one long line of text.  This makes it very difficult to
>> read.  Is there anything you can do about it?  The issues that have
>> this problem are all of Speak! (but not the collected editions), the
>> first three issues of House of Fiction, Journey Into... #1, the
>> Killfile Wars tie-in Carolyn Ampersand Rick, and Teenfactor #131.

> Well, the collected editions is all that's needed.  Eagle, could you
> just purge Speak! issues 1-9 and keep the two TEBs?  I'll try to
> retype/repost the others in a word-wrapped form sometime soon.

It's easy enough for me to word-wrap them when it's just a few.  :)

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