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> Tom Russell wrote:
>>> Martin wrote:
>> The Legion is full of characters whose personalities are somewhat
>> ill-defined and vague.  Now, Martin, Drizzt, Saxon, and a host of
>> others have worked towards giving these characters a little bit of
>> life-- as Martin mentions in this very same thread.  And, on ocassion,
>> an author will find a character-- like Mainstream Man-- and see
>> something there that no one else did.  And so they try to bring that
>> character to life, give them the focus and love that they deserve.
>> Both Steven Howard and I did this with good ol' MM.  (How well I
>> succeeded is up to the reader.)
>> I think that one of these underdeveloped characters is ripe to be
>> improved by committee.  To have different slants and interpetations
>> presented.  To be-- LEADER OF THE LNH!
> There are only three possible candidates.
> ULTIMATE NINJA: He is the current leader.  He's got experience.  And he
> wants the job.  Plus, some of the characters like Cheesecake Eater Lad
> would just automatically defer to him in the field, just like how
> Captain America always reverts to being leader whenever there's a big
> emergency (read: crossover).
> FEARLESS LEADER: He's also got experience, having led the Legion in
> another reality, but his version of the LNH all died under him.  Not
> exactly a good resume.  And when he first showed up, nobody knew him,
> let alone trusted him.  Things might be different now.  A lot of people
> refer to him as "deputy leader" in their stories even if he doesn't do
> anything.

More interesting as Second Banana I think.  Actually I've got some plans
to make him more interesting.  Fearless Leader doesn't have a girlfriend
does he?

> IRONY MAN: He's also got the experience, having been co-leader with
> Lurking Girl, Loquacious Lad, Kid Yesterdaze and Marvel Zombie Lad when
> the Legion first formed.  (Actually, this was an Avengers parody.
> -Sister State-the-Obvious)  It was only later, after the Cosmic Plot
> Device Caper, that it was decided that the Legion even needed a single
> leader, this according to Scav's Lurk of Faith.  Drizzt wanted to
> retcon this and have Rebel Yell be the LNH leader from day one but the
> retcon didn't stick, which is just as well because that wouldn't have
> been what Scav wanted.  Anyway, Steven Howard wrote Tsk Force and made
> Irony Man a field leader, just like that.  To me, that immediately puts
> him up in the big three.

He'd be a lousy character because he's just to hard to write well.  I think
Steven Howard was the only writer who ever really got him right.

> There are other possible candidates, I suppose, including the
> aforementioned LURKING GIRL.  I assume she's still around.  I don't
> know about MARVEL ZOMBIE LAD.  You mentioned MULTI-TASKING MAN but his
> power does not lend himself to leadership: because he can do everything
> himself he's not good at delegating responsibility and, besides, you
> don't want a leader who is also checking his e-mail and playing
> net.trek at the same time he's leading the LNH: even if he _can_ do
> this, the fact is that he looks preoccupied and people need to feel
> that their leader is giving the LNH his undivided attention.

Lurking Girl could be interesting if you got Tori's permission to do it.

> There's KID KIRBY, who I would probably say is number four right now.
> But Jameel hasn't made Kid Kirby a usable-without-permission character
> so the only possible candidates are the top three.  Oh and I almost
> forgot DOCTOR STOMPER.  I can't imagine him even breaking into the top
> four though: he's too much of a supporting character.
> Other characters such as CONTINUITY CHAMP (left the LNH, powerless) or
> SIG.LAD (had been in Dvandom Force, then was dead, now in Exarchs) are
> not available.  Who's next in line?  CLICHE LAD?  OBSCURE TRIVIA LAD?
> DEJA DUDE?  Now we're scraping the bottom of the barrel. :)

Should a married member of the LNH with kids be the LNH leader?
Isn't being a LNH leader a demanding job that has no time for a
family life?

Arthur "How about Super Apathy Lad?" Spitzer

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