LNH: Brotherhood of Net.Villains Roster entry...

Adrian James McClure lord_soldeed at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 27 06:21:18 PDT 2006

Arsenal started up a plotline in 1998 after the Crimes of the
Brotherhood crossover wherein the Brotherhood was trying to impersonate
heroes.  They acquired a new member, JavaBug, who I think is reserved
by him.

Asteroid L was destroyed at the end of Martin's Lagneto Saga.  Lagneto
retired from supervillainy and is currently happily married and in
hiding in Asia, though if anyone tries to harm him or his family he's
still capable of being as much of a ruthless bastard as ever.

The pseudo-heroic brotherhood then returned in another of Arsenal's
stories, where they killed off Professor Perhap.  It was lead by
Lagneto, who was then retconned after the fact into Lagneto's father,
who gave himself Lagneto's powers and then killed by Lagneto.  (Ouch.)
And since then, the Brotherhood has never shown up again as far as I

I'm currently plotting a storyline involving the Brotherhood, but I may
or may not ever get around to doing it, because I'm under attack by
Hiatus and Plotchopper myself...

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