LNH: Brotherhood of Net.Villains Roster entry...

Tom Russell milos_parker at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 27 06:02:46 PDT 2006

Jamas Enright wrote:
> On Wed, 26 Apr 2006, Arthur Spitzer wrote:
> > Any new members since then?
> > Any old members that are no longer around?
> I think there was another BoNV type team, but aside from them, Mistlock
> created the Junior Brotherhood of Net. Villains.

I want to say that Arsenal created a new BoNV team for the
a.Outsiders-- but I'm a bit hazy on that, myself.

One my favourite crossovers-- though I haven't read it in quite some
time-- was the Employee-Empowered, Paradigm-Shifted,
Individually-Owned, Downsized, Streamlined, Re-envigorated Crimes of
the Brotherhood of Net.Villains.  I remember both marvelling at the
cleverness of the concept and enjoying the actual execution of said
concept.  I'm not sure if I'd still enjoy it today or not, but I'd like
to think that I would. :-)


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