META: The Greats

Dave Van Domelen dvandom at
Sun Apr 9 09:06:47 PDT 2006

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 <martinphipps2 at> wrote:
>Some of my favorites were Tsk Force by (Steven Howard) and Spite Grrrl
>Goes Hollywood (by Mark Friedman... or was it Mike?).  Both series
>quickly ran out of steam.  It's sometimes better to stop writing a
>series than keep writing after the good ideas have stopped coming.

     Mike.  Mark's his brother, and I'm pretty sure he never had a series of
his own (although he did have a WC, NetLurker, and participated in the early
chaotic add-on stuff, creating villains like the Collector and the Lethal

     Dave Van Domelen, came up with the Crosspost Bros. in hopes of luring
Mark back into writing....

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