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Russell at milos_parker at wrote on 4/7/06 8:16 AM:

> The twenty-seventh of this month will mark the
> fourteenth anniversary of the Legion of Net. Heroes.
> And, to mark the occassion, I pose a question to the
> group:

Shouldn't that be the 29th?
The 27th is just the 14th anniversary of Spelling Boy
which no right thinking person should celebrate!

> What are your favourite LNH stories, and why?
> I've anwered this question before, and at length (The
> Phippsian Reader, Why Jungle Cheesecake Is the
> Greatest LNH Story Ever Told, and my Aeneas and Ferris
> essay)-- and I'm sure that some time this month, I'll
> probably throw a few more answers into the ring.
> But now I ask you, O cherished members of the RACC
> community, to throw a few more names around.  You
> don't need to go on and on at length like I did-- just
> a few concise, elegant little paragraphs will do.
> Let's provide a guide for the proverbial newcomer;
> let's champion classics and contemporaries alike;
> let's shine a light on the gems that have been
> obscured by the mists of time.

Anyway, good idea for a thread, Tom.

I'll have to give it some thought.

Maybe the next time Saxon does the Raccies he could have
nomination ballots for a RACC Hall of Fame.

Best Series.  Issue.  Arc.  Crossover.  and so on...

Assuming Saxon wants all that work.  Perhaps there
should be a limit on a how many things you can
nominate for each entry like maybe five nominations.

Every LNH story that was posted to alt.comics.lnh and
RACC from 1992 to 2005 (including rec.arts.comics stuff).

Arthur "Creating a Top Ten list for best issues" Spitzer

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