[REVIEW] End of Month Reviews #27 - March 2006 [spoilers]

Tom Russell milos_parker at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 3 03:23:34 PDT 2006

Saxon Brenton wrote:

>  Tom?
> Seriously: Trade Etherback edition(s) for completed storyline(s).  It'll
> probably make things easier for Eagle somewhere down the road when it
> comes time to update the archives.

Yes, I am planning on TEBing it, and in fact said something to that
effect in the Haiku Gorilla thread.  If you want, you can just wait for
the TEBs to cover it in EoMR. :-)

I should also at this time note that HG is not necessarily dead.  Since
his second appearance was in an RACCCafe story, I would like to posit
that other HG appearances exist outside of continuity, including JUST
IMAGINE-- that is, you can consider HAIKU GORILLA ADVENTURES to be a


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