[8FOLD/PRECOGS] April is Eightfold Comics Month

Tom Russell twopointthreefivefilmwerks at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 29 16:03:18 PST 2005

The month of April is the month of Eightfold Comics, the triumphant
brainchild of Joltin' Jamie Rosen and Tumultuous-in' Tom Russell!  The
curious reader might ask, what makes the Eightfold universe different from
that of, say, the LNH? or ASH? or Omega? or the Patrol?
Well, unlike the LNH, Eightfold is a "closed" universe-- while we
encourage anyone to join, it's not the free-for-all that makes the
Looniverse so hectic (and that's not a knock: it's precisely the unweildy,
crazy nature of the Looniverse that gives the LNH its charm).  Anyone who
wants to join would have to e-mail one of us first, either at
jamie.rosen at sunlife.com or twopointthreefivefilmwerks at yahoo.com.
And unlike some of the other great universes that occupy RACC and the
Eyrie archives, there is no over-arching theme or idea that the Eightfold
universe must adhere to.  When Jamie first put the call out there many
moons ago, it was with the idea that there is room for both the sublime
and the ridiculous, both the classic and revisionist, both action and
ideas: science fiction, fantasy, gritty realism and comedy can co-exist
under one roof.  If there is anything that unifies Eightfold, it is the
two-fold approach of (1) inclusiveness, and (2) Quality.
What this universe is really about is quality fiction: damn good stories
told well and characters who are interesting, dynamic, and true.  But
don't take our word for it.  Rather, you should take our words for it: we
think our stories speak for themselves, and Eightfold Comics is very proud
to present the following titles in this, our premiere month:
The first title to make it's premiere on RACC is SPEAK! # 1, "The Strange
Case of Gregory Dingham".  Tom Russell's triumphant return to the fold
introduces us to a young man and his weird and wondrous power.  With
considerable linguistic verve, the reader begins here a journey into moral
ambiguity, responsibility, and the inner life of a character that we think
you'll find just a bit... different!
And the writer who gave you the best ongoing series of 2004 (RACCies and
LNH ACCies), the Joltin' One Himself, Jamie Rosen offers TEMPLATE # 1,
"Normal".  Billy Kidman returns to his hometown to bury his father and
give comfort to his mother.  The drama of life and the rhythms of grief
weave a gentle web; out of these tender beginnings spins an epic for our
times, a story of a legacy of heroism that sits uneasily on the shoulders
of the son... and another man's legacy, a legacy of vengeance!
And the week following each title's posting, you'll find an ABOUT THE
AUTHOR posting, giving you details of off-line life, favourite works, and
thoughts about the individual titles specifically and Eightfold in

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