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	Vel noticed the guard's stun blaster and charged forward.  He knew
the typical dorfan would be charging while attempting to aim.  Since
they were diplomatic troops they'd be more likely to offer some sort
of warning first.


	There it was.  He swiftly grabbed their arms and twisted them in such
a way that if they attempted to fire, they would hit their own feet.
He then pushed in the trigger mechanism.    The guards shrieked.   He
grabbed one of the blasters and walked on.

	"Idiots!" Vel said.

	Vel #12
	The Search for Carina Part Two
	The Great and Perilous Journey
	By Jesse N. Willey

The first thing Deja Dude did once he noticed Vel was gone, was shake
his head in confusion.   The second thing he did was grab his
communicator and call Ultimate Ninja.

	"You're saying he just vanished into thin air?" the Ninja said.
	"Yep," said Deja Dude.  "That's exactly what I'm saying."
	"We just got a report of a break in at the Dorfan consulate.   It
can't be coincidence," Ninja said.  "I want to a team to look
into it."
	"Yes sir," said Deja Dude.  "One question?"
	"Yes, what is it?"
	"Why am I always the one who has to deal with the Dorfs?" Deja
Dude complained.
	"Would you rather spend the day on K.P.?" Ultimate Ninja answered.
	"Uh..." Deja Dude muttered.

	He reconsidered his answer for a moment.   It was either spend all
night getting involved in more spirited hyjinks with the Dorfs or
spending hours with Onion Lad on kitchen police.   He was afraid to
tell Ultimate Ninja his answer.  After all, he made excellent pancakes.

	"Just get on it," Ninja yelled.


	Vel  blinked.  One moment he'd been walking through the LNH
headquarters, that bizarre sleek section that looks like it was pulled
right of the cover of an issue Amazing Stories.   He reappeared in the
same corridor, but some of the monitors and wall paneling had been
replaced and upgraded.   Sing Along Lass and Seductress were approached

	"Carina!  I've been looking all over for you," he said.
	"That was ages ago, but thank you," she said.

	He gave her another glance.  She did look older.   He looked around.
The hallway access monitor said it was sometime in the year 2020.   He
realized that that Carina and Jen were walking side by side should have
been a dead give away.

	"Look, Vel, this is the third of you four visits to this
building," Jen said.
	"Third?  I've only been here one other time.   In the late twenty
teens.  That time you had to apologize for something.   And I've been
confused about it ever since," Vel said.
	"Again, sorry about that.  Nothing that can be helped.   Your
present self is in your time and we couldn't risk the two of you
meeting.   It might... effect a choice you have to make down the
line," said Jen.
	"Do you think we should be telling him that much?" Carina said.
	"Listen.   Don't you remember what his report on this case said.
I told him about that and that Sigmund was okay.  If I don't tell
him, it's just as much of a paradox," she said.
	"Doctor Freud is okay?" Vel said.
	"He is assisting some of our more distraught junior members right
now," Carina said.
	"Junior members?" Vel asked.
	"Now she's got me doing it," Sing Along Lass said.

	Vel glanced over to Jen.

	"So, how much longer do I have here?" Vel said.
	"About ninety minutes," Jen said.
	"Want to pick up where we left off last time," Vel said.
	"I'm with someone right now," she said.
	"Oh?  Who?"
	"I though you hated my present self's guts," he said.
	"It's complicated," she said.   "Maybe next time you see

	Sing Along Lass led them down the hallway.   She turned a corner and
opened a large door.   It revealed a huge lobby.   She motioned to Vel
to sit.

	"Just wait here a few minutes.   Sigmund will be here to see you in
a few minutes," she said.
	"Wait... Carina... how did I fi..."
	"I can't talk about it, okay.  Just drop it," said Carina.


Vel walked up to the door and typed in an access code.  They door slid
open.   He looked at his pad's recorded sensor logs.   The trick
would be to figure out where the shield would be in his time then make
sure that he passed it.    He walked through a long dimly lit hallway.
This could get tricky.   It was the corridor where 'misplaced' or
exiled Dorfan sometimes lodged while waiting for approval for a return
the homeworld.

	"A few more feet," he muttered to himself.

 	As he neared his destination, one of the doors was slightly ajar.
The light from the other room showed a tall Dorfan woman was creeping
out.  Vel sniffed the air and donned an even wider scowl than usual.

	"I know you.  You are my husbands other... from beyond this Beyond
Time.  You wish to rob my future son of an honoarable death," she
	"Lady, I have no time to deal with you, or any time paradox fighting
might cause," he said.
	"Too bad I don't have any problem dealing with you!"  X'Zchi


	Ultimate Ninja walked into the archives deck.  Browsing Boy stared at
his computer screen.   He was putting the final card onto the pile in
his computer solitaire game and turned back to the Ninja.

	"Communications logs said you had something for Vel.  He was
detained elsewhere," Ninja said.
	"I heard.  Word travels fast," Browsing Boy said.
	" I thought I should check on your progress.   You know... see how
close we are to finding Carina," Ninja responded.
	"The good news is I found the file RD-701-EA.   It's a video file
we obtained from the BBC of all places," Browsing Boy said.
	"The BBC?  Let me see," he said.

	The Ninja glared at the screen.

	"See... that's the bad news," Browsing Boy responded.
	"Yes, that does explain everything.  We won't be able to get Sing
Along Lass back until Vel returns from wherever he is," The Ninja


	Sigmund Freud walked into the room.  He smiled.

	"Quite a life you have.   Lives even.   To think all this time I
thought your Dorfan nature as you called it was a manifestation of your
Id," he said.
	"Doc, you've seen me teleport through time before. I thought..."
	"Nevermind what I thought.  I know you have been through so much
lately.  How are you feeling?" Freud said.
	"I've been through a lot?  You're the one pulled out of time and
into the year 2020," Vel said.  "I'm doing as well as can be
	"As am I..."
	"We'd better get you back to Vienna," said Vel.
	"I'm afraid I cannot just yet.  What I wanted to say was good
luck.  As hard as it has been for you, the next few days will be even
harder.  It will be worth it though. I wanted to say something while I
have the chance," Freud said.  "Good Luck.  If you need any help,
don't be afraid to ask Albert.  I think he'll find you
	"Doc, what's with the riddles," Vel said.

	Freud coughed.



	Screw You Over Lad lay on the plain white cot in his blank white cell
as nineteen fifties and sixties novelty records were piped into his
cell.   It was the latest approved means of information extraction by
Homeland Security.   Not as severe as their old methods, but no less

	A red glowing ball appeared out of nowhere.  For a second or two,
Lazlo Rodman Killfile thought he was hallucinating.  Then the glowing
ball took a definitively human shape.

	"Greetings, brother..." the ball said.  "... I'm sorry we have
yet to meet face to face.   We have so very much in common."
	"Who are you?"
	"Your loving sister," she said.
	"I have lots of sisters.  Caroline.  Electra.   Deliah.   The other
one.  I haven't met any of them.  And from what I know of them, none
of them are too loving.  At least, not to people like me," Lazlo
	"That's all about to change," she said.

	Lazlo hissed.

	"What do you want?" Lazlo said.
	"Nothing, accept to be a normal family.  Carolyn and even Electra
rejected me.   Our father rejected me.  Just like he rejected you,"
she said.
	"He had every right.  I failed him."
	"You failed him?  What type of father demands sacrifices from his
son?  A parent's job is to care for their children.  Where was he all
those years you lay dying?  Why did he conveniently show up at the last
minute with the means to save you?   Why did you transform you into
this monster...." She said.
	"I don't.... I don't know," Lazlo said.
	"He was off playing conqueror with various enemies.  The LNH.  The
Dorfs.  Lagneto.  We'll get revenge on them.  Then we will free our
father," she said.
	"So we can kill him."

	To Be Continued...

Vel, Screw You Over Lad and X'zchi created by Jesse N. Willey.  Onion
Lad created by Tom Russell Jnr. and Dane Martin.  Reserved by Jesse N.
Willey   Seductress and Deja Dude created by Martin Phipps.   Ultimate
Ninja created by wReam.  Sing Along Lass created by Drizzt.  Deliah
Joy-Killfile created by Tom Russell.   Browsing Boy is public domain.

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