[LNH][RACCies] Just Imagine... Saxon Brenton's RACCies! #23

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Master Blaster spoke to Deja Dude after the awards ceremony.

"Hey!" he said.  "Congratulations at having won the rabbit breeders cup
two years in a row!  What are you going to do to celebrate?"

Deja Dude shrugged his shoulders.  "Oh, I don't know.  Maybe post
something."  Deja Dude looked at Master Blaster suspiciously.  "Aren't
you worried about your wife?"

"How so?" asked quizzically.

"I mean she was replaced by a robot duplicate whom we then had to
destroy.  Aren't you wondering what happened to the real Sister

Master Blaster suddenly became somber.  "Oh, yeah.  I'm very

"You didn't look concerned a moment ago."

"Oh... well... it's part of my character, isn't it?  The macho
exterior.  But, inside, I'm torn apart."

"Anybody would think you were callously happy with your new found

"Oh no!  Not me!  I loved my wife!  I really miss her!  Unless...
unless you think it would be more in character for me not to."

"You're not Master Blaster, are you?"

"Master Blaster" pointed his BIG gun at Deja Dude.

"I'll take this as confirmation of my suspicions."

"We wanted to destroy you and that imposter Manga Man weeks ago!" the
robot duplicate Master Blaster admitted, "but then Ultimate Ninja and
the others came back from that court case.  Manga Man got cold feet and
called off the attack, ordering us to cut our losses and go back
pretending we were the real Master Blaster,
Innovative Offense Boy, Namer Boy, Pulls-Paper-Out-of-Hats Lad,
Ubiquitous Boy Lad Jr. and Cheesecake Eater Lad."

"You realize you just gave away your master's entire evil plan, don't

"It's no matter!" the robot duplicate Master Blaster said.  "You're
going to die anyway."

"But you have all the memories of Master Blaster!"


"So we're friends!  You don't want to kill me!"

"Desire is irrelevant!  I... am a machine!"

Just then, the head of the evil robot duplicate Master Blaster was cut
off by a Ginsu katana blade.  The head fell to the floor and rolled
away.  As it did, the head got a good look at the net.hero who had
struck it from behind.

"Et tu, Ninja?" it said.

"Thanks, UN," Deja Dude said.

"No problem."  Ultimate Ninja grimaced under his mask.  "I guess this
confirms Adamant Authority-on-Everything's theory."

"Indeed!" Adamant Authority-on-Everything said.  "You will recall how
on the day after Christmas, three teams were sent out to different
fanfic newsgroups: Catalyst Lass, Innovative Offense Boy, Namer Boy,
Pulls-Paper-Out-of-Hats Lad, Ubiquitous Boy Lad Jr. were sent to
alt.tv.x-files.creative, Doctor Stomper, Ordinary Lady, Lurking Girl,
Sing-Along Lass and Bandwagon Chick were sent to alt.startrek.creative
and Master Blaster, Cheesecake Eater Lad,  Sister State-the-Obvious,
aLLiterative Lass and New Look Lass were sent to rec.arts.erotica."

"Oh oh oh!" Kid Enthusiastic said.  "Can we segue to a flashback?!"

"No," Adamant Authority-on-Everything said flatly.  "Anyway, we assumed
when they returned that nothing had happened, but it would appear now
that they were all replaced with evil robot duplicates!"

Ultimate Ninja nodded.  "But now we know who the robot duplicates are!
Of course, Ubiquitous Boy Lad Jr.'s powers being what they are, they
also probably know that we know, but since we are smart enough to know
that they know that we know, we still have the advantage!"

Deja Dude nodded.  "This is how you got the reputation for being such a
great strategist, hmm?"


"Exactly."  Deja Dude mused for a while.  "Anyway, it's been three
weeks and nobody resolved any of the plotlines from #21.  What happened
with the court case?"

"The court case?  Oh, we won.  We got 50 million dollars in damages!
Irony Man was estatic!  Do you know he was thinking of putting the LNH
up to be sold to the highest bidding software company?!  Could you
imagine the LNH being sold to a software company?"

"Actually, yes," Deja Dude said.  "Anyway, we had better go find
Bluetooth and Firewire, seeing as how they were integral to the

"I'm already here!"

"Me too!" Firewire said.

"Alright," Deja Dude said.  "Well then I guess it's up to the six of us
to find the seven of them (the remaining six robot duplicates
-including that of Doctor Stomper- and the real Manga Man) and have the
final Climactic Fight Scene(tm)."

"Is that all that's left?" Ultimate Ninja asked.

Deja Dude reflected for a moment.  "Well, let's see... the RACCies are
over and all the LNH stories are still on google and eyrie.org, so I
guess the virus didn't go into effect.  I mean, I ended up getting
viruses on my computer but I figure that was due to my downloading too
much free porn and not due to anything in this storyline.  And the
Grapety Purple Man and Shoe Devil storylines never went anywhere, right

"Um... nope."

"Not as far as I know," Firewire said, nervously.

"Alright then!" Ultimate Ninja said.  "Let's go find these robot
duplicates so we can get this story wrapped up!"

WILL Bluetooth and Firewire ever betray their teammates?

WILL this storyline end in a big Climactic Fight Scene(tm)?

WHATEVER happened to the real Sister State-the-Obvious, aLLiterative
Lass, Bandwagon Chick, Catalyst Lass, Ordinary Lady, Lurking Girl,
Sing-Along Lass, New Look Lass, Innovative Offense Boy, Namer Boy,
Pulls-Paper-Out-of-Hats Lad, Ubiquitous Boy Lad Jr., Doctor Stomper,
Cheesecake Eater Lad and Master Blaster?  Or to Grapety Purple Man and
the Shoe Devil for that matter?

DID anything else happen in the three weeks that passed between

WILL anybody bother to write the next chapter of Just
Imagine... Saxon Brenton's RACCies?!


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