[LNH] The Continuing Misadventures of Miss Translation #14

Jamie Rosen jamie.rosen at sunlife.com
Mon Jan 31 14:55:22 PST 2005

1) Yes and no. I mean, I planted the seeds so long ago, things have
changed... Namely, I soured on the whole 'Evil Corporation Plotting to
Take Over the World' plot device. Which isn't to say that Net.Santo
isn't, or they aren't -- just that they weren't in this issue. (Hm...

2) Well, he was ko'd and stripped in his last appearance during FWIV.
And I thought the mental image was unpleasant in a humourous sort of

3) Quite frankly, I got tired of trying to fix the formatting. But
there *will* be one, possibly tonight if I swing by my folks' place.
It'll just be a bit delayed. And I'll be writing future tales with word
wrap on instead of using hard returns, which should make the formatting

4) I spell well. :) I write everything in Notepad, actually. (Except
for the occasional scene, and the whole first issue of the first series
for the new universe I'm co-creating -- those are written by hand.)
Word or WordPerfect brings in too much extra formatting problems for
posting something in plain text.

5) I use Google Groups. As I said, I write in Notepad, but as a
holdover from my old writing in Edit and posting through telnet days, I
automatically would hit 'enter' every 78 or fewer characters. Google
Groups doesn't like that, so I'm learning to adapt. And I sorted out
the logo problem, even if it did require putting periods in front of

I hope you like the next issue. It needs a bit of pumping up, I think,
since fight scenes aren't really my forte, but by next weekend it'll be
in good order. Then I may throw in a one-off Valentine's day issue
before ruining the seri-- er, going to the next arc.
glad people like Miss Tran as much as he does.

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