[META] Holy Crap, I'm back on RACC!

Jamie Rosen jamie.rosen at sunlife.com
Mon Jan 10 14:52:06 PST 2005

And posting from work during a lull, of all things.

I'm here. I'm hoping to wrap up some arcs, many of which have had more
issues written than posted anyway (Swamp Patrol, Ms. Translation, I'm
looking at you...)  And maybe some new material, as I'm struggling to
get back into comics.

I'm hoping y'all can give me some assistance on two fronts.

1) Has anyone tried to explain the Cheesecake Eater Lad fake
death/kidnapping? I'd hate to step all over everyone's toes, but I've
had a plan since it happened, I just haven't implemented it.

2) Does anyone remember which number was the last Miss Translation I
posted? Was it 11, or 12? And was the last Swamp Patrol I posted #18?
That's as far as Google Groups and the RACC archives go, but I've got
so many written I find it hard to believe I didn't at least put #19

I don't expect anyone to remember that last bit, but it's worth a shot.
I guess I could just post'em and be damned.

And in the print world, a short story of mine will be getting an
Honourable Mention in this year's Year's Best Fantasy and Horror,
edited by Ellen Datlow and Kelly Lin & Gavin Grant.

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