[precogs] Out later, out later!

Jamie Rosen jamie.rosen at sunlife.com
Wed Feb 2 14:06:53 PST 2005


The Continuing Misadventures of Miss Translation #15 -- "Finishing
Off"! The contractual-obligation fight scene! All is revealed! All is
resolved! Except the stuff that isn't!

The Continuing Misadventures of Miss Translation #16 -- "My Funky
Valentine"! A holiday-themed one-off featuring
Sleeps-With-Anything-Alive Girl and an elemental force of the universe
-- in conflict!


Swamp Patrol #20 -- "The All-New, All-Different Swamp Patrol"! The
Swampers are stuck in a world reminiscent of a classic comics series.

Swamp Patrol #21 -- "Going Out of My Head"! The Swampers are really
delusional mental patients -- well, now everything makes sense!
"Continuity Breakdowns", part 4 of 7.

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