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The Last Night Show with Peelix the Cat #1   - Jesse Willey & Dane
 In this issue Peelix interviews Dane Martin.   It is the only issue
where Peelix is even the slightest bit civil to his guest and the
audience gets soaked in urine.  Oh, and Peelix bashes Teenfactor and
Saxon Brenton in his monologue.  Alt. Riders joke.

The Last Night Show with Peelix the Cat #2   - Jesse Willey & Martin
 Peelix interviews Martin Phipps.   They have discussions about porn
and murder.  Peelix bashes Saxon and Russell.   More Saxon jokes.   The
first signs of Peelix's hostility towards his guests.

The Last Night Show with Peelix the Cat #3   - Jesse Willey & Saxon
 Peelix is stuck interviewing Saxon Brenton.   Insults him throughout
for his lateness.   There is crappy monologue.  Peeelix complains that
not only is he consistently late with his stories he is also
excessively boring.

The Last Night Show with Peelix the Cat #4   - Jesse Willey & Tom
 Peelix interviews Tom Russell.   Onion Lad is more than enthused.
Peelix's tries to overcome his worship of Tom.   Discussions eventually
turn to porn and sales pitching.  Tom explains why he thinks Jesse
Willey is the third coolest person in the history of man kind.


Onion Lad #2
Onion Lad rights a letter to his childhood friend.   Includes
flashbacks to Onion Lad scenes we never saw in many LNH crossovers
including Mutton Mania and Flame Wars VI.

Onion Lad #3
Onion Lad and Peelix investigate a bank robbery that leads them to man
known as Doctor I Can't Believe It's Not Butter and the mysterious
Teryaki Chick.   Oh... and Ebonics Lad dies.   Plot by Willey and

Onion Lad #4
Onion Lad, Peelix and Teryaki Chick try to track down Doctor I can't
Believe It's Not Butter but their plan hits a snag.   The ending has a
sales raising cameo by Vel.  Plot by Willey and Martin.

Onion Lad #5     - Jesse Willey     - 10 Jul 2005
Onion Lad fights Vel.   Doctor I Can't Believe It's Not Butter tries to
take advantage of the situation.   But this is Onion Lad's book... and
since it is a comedy of course the hero is gonna win.  Doctor I Can't
Believe It's Not Butter is first recruited by the Killfiles.

Onion Lad #6     - Jesse Willey     - 16 Jul 2005
The Secret Origin of Onion Lad.   The real story.   Also contains the
origin of Doctor I Can't Believe It's Not Butter.   Features bad
Charles Atlas.

Road To Killfile Wars #1
Electra gets attacked by the Killfiles.  We find out the fate of the
Teenfactor crowd.  The LNH try to make sense of the Killfile stuff.
Electra gets rescued by the Regal 13  Plot by Willey and Russell.

Road to Killfile Wars #2
The Regal 13 tries to make a deal with Electra.   She refuse.  Vel and
Stomper try to understand the energy globes.  Carolyn has her first
encounter with The Grim Seeder.  Amelia 'Mystery' Chesterfield is
attacked in her apartment parking lot.

Road To Killfile Wars #3
The Killfiles have a family discussion.  Vel and Rick 'Guy Redundant
Man' Henkerton exchange information.  Tyler Bridge talks with Grim
Seeder. Seeder tells him to find a sword.   Rick and Terrence have a
less than friendly discussion.  Sammy forge is building a seran wrap
ball and it turns into Speed Richardson.  The Killfiles begin growing
something they took from Ameila in the attack.  Plot by Willey and

Road To Killfile Wars #4
A mysterious pack from the Killfiles explodes on Dorfia.  Sammy Forge's
school is attacked.  Speed Richardson comes to the rescue.  Tyler
Bridge follows the clues Grim Seeder gave him to Arlington National
Cemetary.   He battles former teammate Gary Niceguy.  Electra learns
her lesson in picking up hitchhikers when she meets an alien abductee,
named Dalton, who is on the run from The Regal 13.   Tyler turns to the
Lincoln memorial for advice.   He gets the words Find Your Percival.
Rick and Carolyn try to track the energy globes.  Electra and Dalton
have a weird discussion about religon and politics.  Vel hears the news
about Dorfia.  Damn, more happens in this issue that the previous three
put together.

Road to Killfile Wars #5
The Two Month Gap.  Vel is in space looking for a mysterious barge.  He
has met an decrepit old man who might be able to lead him to it.
Browsing Boy finds a Crackjack Prize that might just help him 'Find his
Percival'.    Speed Richardson shows up.  Electra and Dalton have
gotten into trouble and hit the road.  Dalton eventually decides they
should head to Sparta just because he feels he's looking for something
(he doesn't know what) but he's never been there so he might as well
check.   Rick and Caroly discuss morality and a night of hot sex.
Seductress finds out she's pregnat with Vel's child.  Ameila and Sammy
Forge bond.  Vel discovers the identity of the old man... the first
dorf emperor Moakonzi.

Road to Killfile Wars #6
Vel takes drugs to guide him on a vision quest to find The Barge.
Carolyn has another dream meeting with Grim Seeder.  Vel witnesses some
of the trials Moakonzi (supposedly) face while forging the Dorfan
empire.  On another one of Dalton's whims he and Electra try to break
into a Crackjack Warehouse where the battle with Speed and Tyler.
Soon, they realize they are on the same side.  Having completing his
vision quest, Vel finds The Barge.

Road to Killfile Wars #7
Electra, Dalton, Speed and Tyler fight the Regal 13.  (While mostly
Electra, Speed and Tyler.  Dalton is a paciifist.)   Moakonzi gives Vel
a hint that he too might be half human.  Crompton threatens to kill
Electra, Dalton and Speed unless Tyler lets him find a sword.  Vel and
Moakonzi come across a death trap on their way through a barge.  During
the battle with Crompton, Electra recovers the sword.  At the edge of
the barge is another Moakonzi.

Road to Killfile Wars #8
Amelia's room catches fire and The Killfiles abduct her.  They tell her
they're taking her to see the birth of her child.  The LNH has a
meeting to discuss the Killfile (and other crisis) related events when
Guy Redundant Man came crashing into their lobby.  Guy Redundant Man is
using his knew Killfile tracking method to locate them.  Finding their
extradimensional headquarters existing in alternate spatial dimensions
of LNH headquarters is attacked and ends up crashing through their
lobby.  Speed, Tyler and Electra report to Ultimate Ninja's summons for
information.  Electra hears Rick in trouble and rushes to his aid only
to come in contact with Carolyn Forge.  The LNH goes to find find out
what Rick is doing there.  Electra (albeit unwillingly) gives Excalibur
to Carolyn.   The Killfiles attack the LNH and kidnap Terrence who
showed up for the conference.

Road To Killfile Wars #9
The Killfiles torment Amelia with the nanosped birth of her evil son
Mordred.  Screw You Over Lad attacks Dalton.  Dalton (in an
uncharacteristically violent responses) shoot Screw You Over Lad with
an unloaded gun.  A nearby catridge of 'Oswald's Magic Bullets' is
emptied anyway.  Carolyn uses Excalibur on herself.  Her mortality is
restored but so is everyone who owes their immortality to the
Spoon/Spear of Destiny.   The LNHers big brains rig up a machine to hit
the Killfiles where they live.  Screw You Over Lad returns from the
dead and abducts Dalton.  Mordred attacks Terrence.

Road to Killfile Wars #10
The battle between Mordred and Terrence continues.  The Killfiles
perform tortuous experiments in information extraction on Dalton.
Rick, Carolyn and Electra go to rescue Terrence and Amelia.  They come
in and ruin Screw You Over Lad's fun.  The heroes and villains have
their big fight.  Terrence is bludgeoned to death.

Road to Killfile Wars #11
Yes, Terrence is actually dead.  Grim Seeder shows up and implies he
may be back in a thousand years or so.  Carolyn confronts him on his
'true' identity but he dodges the question.  They discover Dalton's
middle name is Percival.  Tyler and Speed are recruited to the
afterlife police by Patient Zero and Absurd Lass. Vel contacts the
Ultimate Ninjas to explain his actions and returns to the team in a
more diplomatic role.   There is a small funeral for Terrence.   Rick
and Carolyn discuss their future.

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