[RACCies] RACC Eligabilities: Blue Light Productions (Jamas' part)

Jamas Enright thad at eyrie.org
Sun Dec 4 11:12:07 PST 2005

Hello all!

Just to remind you what I did this year:

Alt.Riders #31-33. Okay, so technically 31 was in Dec last year, but I 
consider this to be one arc. In particular, the Future Lives arc, in which 
we found out what the (remains of the) Alt.Riders were up to in 2024. 
Featuring the return of Veronica! (Suitable for RACC4)

Alt.Riders #34. The Alt.Riders are released from prison to find out why 
Net.York has suddenly become the most peaceful city on LooniEarth. 
Featuring Ninja-san!

Alt.Riders #35. Missy gets blue as her pregnancy is announced and she has 
to return home. Featuring Faq Boy, and guest starring Rotanna!!

Alt.Rdiers #36-41. The Holiday arc (go RACC4!). Agent's in 36, Rick's in 
37, Marsha's in 38, Peter's in 39, Barry's in 40 (with Missy's back up 
story throughout those issues), and finally resolved in #41.

Fox.Net Special: Alt.Riders Exposed! Yes, this looked at the private lives 
of the Alt.Riders and just who they are.

Alt.Riders #42,43(to come this year). Tie in with the _War Without Worlds_ 

War Without Worlds #1,2,3(to come this year). This big epic event will 
change the structure of the Looniverse forever!...until the next time. 
(Suitable for RACC 3, and RACC19)

All these (or will be all soon) are available on the Blue Light 
Productions homepage at www.blue-light-productions.com (suitable for THE 

Is one of these your favourite issue (RACC5)? Is the Alt.Riders your 
favourite on-going series? (RACC2) Also counts as an Acraphobe offering 
(RACC11). All in the LNH (RACC13)!

Will Agent, Dva, Morph, The Net.Elementalist, Missy or Lillie make 
Favourite Hero? (RACC6)

Will Faq Boy, Alice, Abby, Captain Cleanup (or one of the Alt.Riders) make 
Favourite Supporting Character? (RACC8)

Will the Inhilators or Ninja-San or (shadowy government conspirators) make 
Favourite Villain? (RACC7)

Will Lillie be Favourite New Character? (RACC9)

Does 16 issues put me in for the THE RABBIT BREEDERS CUP?

Am I your Favourite Writer? (RACC1)

Jamas Enright
"Answers answered and questions questioned."
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Blue Light Productions homepage: http://www.blue-light-productions.com/

"If a great state has decided by law that twice two is five, it would be
foolish to allow mathematicians to testify." - Comment during the Scopes
Monkey Trial.

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