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 Previously:  In the year 2020,  Cybernetic Dorfs took over the Dorfan
Embassy.  Khaleem and Kaalix were trapped inside.    Vel tried to beam
through the shields but wound up in 2005.  He broke into the embassy so
he would arrive there in his own time.


	Vel blinked back into reality right inside the secret 'diplomatic
corridor' of the Dorfan Embassy back in his home year of 2020.   The
walls were unexpectedly torched and plumes of smoke filled the hallway.
  He could smell two dorfs dead ahead and raised his blaster.

	"Freeze!" he shouted.
	"Dad?  Is that you?" Kaalix shouted.
	"What are you doing here?" Vel shouted.
	"Khaleem and I were doing homework when the Cyborgs attacked,"
Kaalix shouted.   "We've been fighting them off for hours."
	"Saneh," Khaleem shouted.
	"Sounds to me like you were hiding like scared children," Vel

	Before Kaalix could object, Vel grabbed a fire extinguisher and ran a
few doors down.   He quickly sprayed  repellent on the small fire.   He

	"You know, Dran would have known how to take care of that," Vel
	"Yeah, but Dran would have gotten his ass handed to by the
cyborgs," Kaalix said.
	"This is true.  This is true," Vel responded.

	The two teenage dorfs followed Vel to the door.

	"We're coming with you," Kaalix shouted.
	"No, you're not.   I want you two to go to the other end of the
corridor.  When you get there I'm going to do something that should
lower the force field for approximately 6o seconds.  You're to take
the nearby unsealed sewer entry and follow it.  It should take you to
LNH HQ.   Go!  The others will be waiting for you," Vel said.
	""Awh Dad..." Kaalix said.
	"Trust me.  It's a key part of the plan," Vel said.
	"I actually get to be part of a plan?" Kaalix respond.

	Vel #14
	The Embassy
	An Epi-Prologue to The Killfile Wars
	By Jesse N. Willey

	The twelve cyborgs stood in place at the top of the stairs.   They
could hear Vel running towards them from below.  They raised their guns
in anticipation.    Then their limbs went limp.    Seven of them fell
to the ground.

	"What the hell?"  one of the cyborgs shouted.

	The four other cyborgs came face to face with Vel.  He was smiling.
He couldn't believe that EMP trick worked again.  (See
Schrodingers's Planet.)  Then again, most Dorfs didn't think
outside the box.

	Laser blasts erupted from all around.    Vel fell to the ground.
The cyborgs began to pick him up.    One of them dug his nails into his

	"Death to the man who killed Taup!" they shouted.

	The wall exploded.   Master Blaster and Deja Dude were standing there.
  Master Blaster shot through the legs of the two cyborg that were
carrying Vel.   Vel leapt up and snapped the neck of the leading drone.

	"Good thing you remembered that Star Trek episode with the loophole
for transporting with the shields up," Master Blaster said.
	"Yeah," said Deja Dude.

	Vel walked up to Deja Dude.

	"You IDIOTS! I was trying to get caught," Vel said.
	"So you could find out who is really in charge.  Oops!" Deja Dude
said.   "That would have been cool.  Sorry about that."
	"Now you have you go to through the spy tunnel to find Kaalix,"
Master Blaster said.
	"I sent him back to headquarters," Vel said.
	"Now if you don't mind, this cyborg thing is a Dorfan internal
conflict and I hate to report to the Emperor that Earth breached the
Yaboo Accord... again," Vel said.


	Kaalix and Khaleem dredged through the water.  The loud splish splash
of their feet through the muck became almost calming rhythm.  Khaleem
turned around and then peered ahead.   Her eyebrows raised.

	"There!  Up ahead!" she snarled in Dorfan.
	"What?" Kaalix said.
	"Someone is ahead of us," she said.

	Kaalix tried to get a view.   Seeing nothing, he continued walking.
A few steps later a tall man emerge with a loud splash.   His arm
slashed outward and knocked Kaalix to the ground.

	"Who are you?" she muttered in dorfan.

	She drew out her knife and threw it.   It quickly stabbed the man
threw the leg.  He shouted out as he pulled the knife out of his leg.

	"I don't know who you are," he said.  "But you will regret the
day you stabbed me.  Stupid brats.   I mean I spend years in space...
now this."
	"I am Kaalix of Clan Peterson.   The lady asked 'Who are
you?'" Kaalix said.
	"Clan Peterson, eh?  The name is Asters.   I'm an old friend of
your father," the man said.  "and a member of The Team.  The new
one... not the one from the old days."

	Kaalix looked over at Khaleem.

	 "This must have been part of the plan," Kaalix said.
	"Your father in over his head again?  Not surprised.  You kids go to
LNH HQ.  I'll go help out," Dalton said.


	Master Blaster and Deja Dude tried to make it to the diplomatic
corridor but a metallic crust began growing around it.  Master Blaster
shot it.  It did nothing.  They turned to leave as the hole in the wall
began to reknit itself.   Master Blaster shot the wall again, but the
energy beam hit him in the face and he fell to the ground.

	"Ouch!  That has to hurt," Deja Dude said.
	"Dorfan combat nanos.   Adaptive.   Can't be beaten the same way
twice," Vel said.  "Unless we can purge the databanks.  Which is
next to impossible."

	Large tendrils began springing out of the wall.   Vel pulled out a
small laser dagger and began carving them.   They did only minimal
damage.  Deja Dude quickly made the tentacles turn into thin air.

	"Unnggh... that was close.  A few more minutes there and we'd be
having a cybernetic hentai experience," Deja Dude said.
	"Droll," Vel responded.  "And I thought your powers didn't
work anymore."
	"Momentary bursts here and there.  I'm having a good day," he

	The door opened and more cybernetic dorfs entered the room.   Deja
Dude gasped.  Vel just rolled his eyes.

	"I wasn't there the first time you fought these guys.  They go for
the head, right?" Deja Dude said.
	"No.  Only the squadron leader can do cranial transplants.   Weak
points are the receivers in the spinal cord, the stomach," Vel said.
"and the obvious regions."
	"Fine, you hit'em high, I'll hit'em low... and I'll get to
Scotland before you," Deja Dude said.

	The two heroes began brawling the cyborgs.   Vel was slicing the wires
around the arms and legs.  Deja Dude blasted the cyborgs to the ground.
  The Tentacles began emerging again.

	"Crap!  Where is he?" Vel said.
	"Who?" Deja Dude asked.
	"The guy who was part of the plan," Vel said.

	The metallic crust around the diplomatic corridor began retreating.
As Vel and Deja Dude struggled to keep all the cyborgs at tentacles at
bay.   Then a man stepped out and the nanos stopped.

	"There.  They're wiped. I'm going now," the man said.
	"Ah no Asters.  You still owe me," Vel said.
	"Asters?   Your plan was Asters... even after he..." Deja Dude
	"He's a good man.  He did what he had to do," Vel said.

	The three men quickly finished off the six cyborgs.   The walk through
the hallways went by quickly.  The doors to the main office swooshed
open.  The room was completely dark. He walked through the door.   The
room filled with light.   As Vel's eyes cleared, his jaw dropped.

	"Surprised to see me?" a woman gasped.

	Zara let the microlens come back into focus.   Deja Dude just stood in
awe of the the Dorfan woman with Cybernetic Implants all over her
flesh.    Dalton was in the corner, sniff the walls and fondling the
nanocircutry like a junior prom date.

	"You don't really look all that shocked," she said.
	"I'm not," Vel said.   "I've been preparing for this."

	The nanites began to weave in and out of Dalton's body.   His eyes
began to blink rapidly as the lighting began to blink.  The lighting
finally went out and Dalton fell to the ground.

	"It work.... The nanos database is purged," Deja Dude said.
"Let's take her."
	"No, Deja Dude, your interference was tolerated when Vel had more
than one opponent.  Now it is just him... and me," Zara said.
	"Vel, I don't like this," Deja Dude said.

	All he heard were two grunts.

	"Okay, obviously, you two feel differently," Deja Dude said.  "I
guess I can live with that."

	Vel #15
	The Embassy Part Two
	An Epi-Prologue to Killfile Wars
	By Jesse N. Willey

	As Kaalix moved close to the hatch, it opened.    A pair of hands
moved a latter down into the stench.    Khaleem bared her teeth.

	"Psst, guys, it's me..." said a voice.
	"Dran?   What are you doing out.  Dad said..." Kaalix said.
	"I know.   But there is a flaw in the plan," Dran said.
	"What plan?" Kaalix said.
	"Uh... gang... I hate to break this to you, but I can only bypass
the security system so long before they notice," Sowhat said.
"And Dran, why do you have me do this stuff.   Shouldn't you be
spending time with your girlfriend."
	"Like she'd get jealous of you.   You haven't exactly been
drinking your milk, kiddo," Dran said.
	"Thank you, Captain Pierce," SoWhat responded.
	"Can you two can the banter and tell me what's going on?" Kaalix

	Kaalix and Khaleem crawled up in the corridor.

	"Well, it's the cyborgs.   There is something Dad has over
looked," Dran said.
	"I assume that Dad has a man named Asters with him?" Dran said.
	"Yeah, he was headed that way... yeah," Kaalix said.  "Why?"
	"That's bad.... Very bad," Dran said.
	"What?" Kaalix said.

	  Dran looked 	over to SoWhat.

	"Have you heard of Red April?" SoWhat asked.
	"Yeah... it was after Moakonzi's return to power.  Lots of LNHers
got offed.   A few villains too.  So?" Kaalix said.
	"Most of the documents are still highly classified, but from what
I've been able to hack into... it was all the caused by one man....
Dalton P. Asters," SoWhat said.
	"If it's so bad, why don't we go there and busts some heads,"
Kaalix said.

	Khaleem, SoWhat and Dran stared blankly at him.

	"Did you ever wonder why there was only Ultimate Ninja?" Dran


	Vel drew his lazer sword while Zara prepped the claws imbedded in her
fingers.   She swiped at him and grabbed him by the lapel.

	"I time jumped directly here from after your battle with the
cyborgs.   I haven't aged a day," she said.   "It haven't
become and slower, like you have."

	"That's good," he said.

	 Vel took one swipe with his sword and sliced into her colloar bone.
Sparks began to fly.  The Arm went limp and dropped.

	  "Because you haven't gotten a bit smarter," he continued.
	 "Nice to see your wit hasn't waned," she snarled.  "It was
the only thing that made you formidable."

	She clawed him again.  Vel dodged and sliced her hand off.

	"You're good.  You always were.   Honarable and smart.  A
warrior's warrior.  You could have ruled the empire," Zara said.
"Instead you coddle these humans..."
	"... and defend the ideals of equity and justice set up by Moakonzi.
  I chose to let a man far more worthy of the thrown than I," Vel

	She sliced at him and clawed into his brow and barely missed his eye.
 His lasersword carved into her leg.  He grabbed the time remote from
his belt.

	"My parts are self repairing.  I am a cyborg," she shouted.
	"Correction," Vel said.  "Half of your parts are self

	 He pushed a button and Zara vanished.  In the distance he and Deja
Dude could hear the echo of an ear splitting explosion.

	"Where did you send her?" Deja Dude asked.  "Or is that one of
those things I don't really want to know."
	"Let's just say that I've hear the Trinity Site is a great place
to visit.  Especially in the summer of 1945," Vel remarked.
	"You didn't..." Deja Dude said.

	Vel smirked.

	"Then all those crazy stories about alien technology amongst the
wreckage?" Deja Dude asked.

		The End?

Next: This series takes a hiatus.  But follow Vel, Jen, Onion Lad and
all the rest into Road to Killfile Wars.   It sets things in motion for
the return of Vel and Onion Lad in Spring of 2006.

Deja Dude and Master Blaster created by Martin Phipps.  SoWhat created
by Lalo Martins.   All other characters created by Jesse N. Willey.
This Document is copyright Jesse N. Willey.

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