[LNH] Happy (Belated) Anniversary!

OTL bperler at sprynet.com
Sat Apr 30 12:10:05 PDT 2005

Yeah, it's a day late.  Obscure Trivia Lad remembered the date, but forgot to
post.  Ah, well.

Anyhoo, yesterday (April 29, 2005) was the 13th anniversary of the Legion of
Net.Heroes.  Here's the original post:

Ah, really takes ya back, doesn't it?  (Well, probably not, as I don't think
most of the people working on the LNH now were around back then.  But you know
what I mean, right?)

Brian Perler                                             bperler at sprynet.com
"You're giving the company to a guy who thought the blue part of a map was
land?" -Michael Bluth, "Arrested Development"

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