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NAME:  Exclamation!Master!
  CREATED BY:  Saxon Brenton (saxon.brenton at uts.edu.au)
  TYPE:  Usable Without Permission
  SECRET IDENTITY:  Robert Melwizcht
  POWERS:  Speaks dramatically and in a stentorian voice, and when 
used as an active attack this causes his opponents to simply trade 
bluster with him rather than carry out their nefarious plans - which 
is great tactic for minimising property damage or acting as a 
distraction while his teammates prepare to clobber them. The more 
pompous or bombastic the opponent is, the more likely they are to be 
affected by E!M!'s power, however the stronger willed an opponent then 
the harder it is to keep them under control.
  ADD NOTES:  In his costumed identity he acts like 'overgrown boy-
scout'. This can be wildly inappropriate in some situations, but then 
incongruity is a mainstay of humour. He acts normal in civvies, though.
  APPEARANCE:  Big, well-muscled man in a skintight costume wearing 
his underwear on the outside.
  ENEMIES:  Dunno if he's got any arch-nemeses yet - but he did once 
chase off the Banjo Duelling Kangaroos, and they seemed pretty 
ticked off about it.
FIRST ISSUE:  The Daily Super Short-Short Story #43

NAME:  MegaMetal BlastLord
  CREATED BY:  Saxon Brenton (saxon.brenton at uts.edu.au)
  TYPE:  Usable Without Permission
  SECRET IDENTITY:  Martin Wryce
  POWERS:  Various powers, deriving from two sources. The Benadanti 
powers are basically spiritual and mental in nature (astral 
projection, empathy, mind reading, etc). The Nephalim powers are 
basically physical (biomechanical shapeshifting).
  ADD NOTES:  He's a Catholic seminary student who's Benadanti 
(astrally travelling werewolf crusader) powers kicked over who he 
turned 20, which activated his Nephallim (teenaged giant halfbreed 
fallen angel) heritage as well, synergising rather than cancelling 
each other out.
  APPEARANCE:  Black man in his early twenties, with cybernetic 
armour and helmet.
  ENEMIES:  Lisa, Kien, Bel.gzip.bub, the Banjo Duelling Kangaroos, 
probably lots of others now that Google.mesh has arrived.
  RELATIVES: Google.mesh (distant ancestor) (plus others, for whom 
consult Google.mesh's character writeup)
  FIRST ISSUE:  (as Martin) The Daily Super Short-Short Story #23,
(as MegaMetal BlastLord) The Daily Super Short-Short Story #45

NAME:  TJ (Timmy-Joe Jim-Bob)
  CREATED BY:  Saxon Brenton (saxon.brenton at uts.edu.au)
  TYPE:  Useable Without Permission
  POWERS:  Mutant with moderately enhanced strength, speed, agility 
and resilience.
  ADD NOTES:  He's a mugger who was possessed by Damian the Wondersock 
when the latter was searching for Martin Wryce, and who stuck around 
to help defeat Damian and his demonic allies. His Secret Origin about 
how he came to spend his latter teenaged years in a concentration camp 
is in The Daily Super Short-Short Story #54. The important thing to 
remember about TJ is that he's no longer completely messed in the head.
  FAMILY: Parents; Greg, Alex (brothers), Tammy (sister), Josie 
(sister, deceased).
  FIRST ISSUE(S): The Daily Super Short-Short Story #20-21.
Saxon Brenton     Uni of Technology, city library, Sydney Australia
saxon.brenton at uts.edu.au
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