[LNHY/ACRA] The Daily Super Short-Short Story #19

Arspitzer arspitzer at aol.com
Mon Sep 27 17:57:23 PDT 2004

Saxon Brenton wrote:
>The Daily Super Short-Short Story #19

Just for this I think I'm going to write an episode
of Limp-Asparagus Lad and post it without your
permission. (empty threat)

I guess I probably should have mentioned after
Martin wrote his episode that The DSSSS was
never intended to be a public domain free for all
title (unlike Looniverse Y which is public domain
and is still waiting for someone to write #2).

That being said because I'm such a nice guy you
can write your arc, Saxon.  If anyone else wants
to write The DSSSS they should ask me first
though.  I assume this arc takes place in the
present (as opposed to biblical times)?

As for 'Children of Cain', I was going to call Cain,
Super Loser Lad; and Able, Super Winner Boy.
I suppose if something seems wrong I can just
have God retcon it away.

Is Damian a parody of Damian Hellstorm (Damian

Arthur "Life Socks" Spitzer

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