[LNHY/ACRA] The Daily Super Short-Short Story #19

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The Daily Super Short-Short Story #19
A Devil Came Down to Georgia 1
     A wondersock was heading towards town, looking for an opportunity 
to make mischief.
     Yes, I said *a* wondersock. It's like the difference between The 
Devil and a devil.
     The wondersock, whose name was Damian...
     "oohh, subtly, Writer Boy," said Damian sarcastically.
     Shut up.  ...was in a really foul mood. Long distance travel always 
made him feel cranky, because he couldn't move that far on his own. 
Instead he was forced to wear some human or other's foot in order to 
properly mind control the weak-willed sacks of meat into carrying him. 
Some stinky, unwashed, tinea-infected human foot. Yurghh. It was enough 
to make you want to retch, even if, like Damian, you didn't have a 
stomach to retch with.
     Not for the first time Damian reflected on this state of affairs.
     The wondersocks were nowhere near as well known as the acursed 
'Children of Cain' - as the offspring of the eldest child of Gotta-Luv-Me 
Lad and Knows-How-To-Please-Her-Man Girl were referred. Nor the Lilim 
descended form Gotta-Luv-Me Lad's first helpmeet, Exciting Leather 
Strap-on Lass. Nor even the monstrous Nephalim who were begat by angels.
     But they were a Nightsider race that was in no way less Eeeeevil 
than any of the others, and they hated humanity with a passion. Several 
thousand years ago their ancestor, *the* Wondersock, and all his kind 
had been cursed by God to act as human footwear - and that sort of thing 
really made some people bitter and twisted.
     Soon however, soon he would arrive in town and could begin scouting 
around for a soul to corrupt and generally make miserable.
Tomorrow: Damian arrives in town
Author's notes:
     I thought I'd have a try at this for one story arc, notwithstanding 
that I still have a final part of the current story of Limp-Asparagus Lad 
to finish, or Arthur's warning that it's harder than it looks to sustain 
over the long run. One of the my regrets is that I keep coming up with 
ideas for LNH stories, but don't write fast enough (or simply get bogged 
down in Writer's block) to get them out. So I'll take a cue from Arthur 
and experiment with the daily story format, and use it for the 'Knight of 
Saint Christopher' concept that I've had floating around for a while.
     Sorry about the rather torturous phrasing of who the 'Children of 
Cain' are. When I was throwing in references to various Biblically 
related/themed monster races, I remembered that Arthur had said he might 
do some stuff with Cain and Abel themes in the future, which means that 
I would be making a reference to 'Cain' without knowing what his name 
would be in this universe, hence the long-winded 'also known as' dodge.
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