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It Came From The Archives
Mysteria #9: "Welcome Wagon"
Written By Robert Flynn

Ya ever read a story at a site and then see nothing about it again
for, say, 5 months?

Well to help you deal with such tragedy, Artifice Comics is pleased to
represent Mysteria #9: "Welcome Wagon" to kinda put out the, uh,
welcome mat for our upcoming release, Mysteria #10: "A Death In The

Layla Burke, the long lost matriarch of the Burke family has come
home, but what kind of welcome is she gonna get?  Certainly not a
fruit basket.

This issue really kicks off the current arc that will change the life
of not only Victoria Burke but that of her house guest as well.

So re-read this joy or read it for the first time if you missed it. 
Then come back in a few when we release Mysteria #10: "A Death In The
Family", where all this stuff gets rolling in a big way.

- Jason Kenney

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