[WWW] Artifice Comics

Jason Kenney jasonkenney at gmail.com
Fri Oct 22 19:15:44 PDT 2004


Yes, folks, an update is in the works.  We've got new stories for
Mysteria, Shadestalker and that other crappy series about that guy
wearing the presidential mask.

Anyways, why wait for an update to visit Artifice?  We've got loads of
great stuff for your reading enjoyment.  When's the last time you read
a good, action packed story like The Spyder: Manhunt #2 - "The March
of War"?  Or that big ol' epic tale that really got AC off on the
right foot, "The Imperial Magistrate Saga"?  Or if you're really
bored, check out the Bush43 title page and hit that "2003 Bush43
Annual - Choose Your Own Adventure! - Just Another Day".

Oh so much to do and enjoy over at Artifice.

Hey, while you're there, jump on over to the new forums at
http://artifice.jasonkenney.net/ and talk about AC too.  (You're gonna
have to use the link from here, we haven't gotten it completely
updated through the Message Board links on the site, sorry.)  We love
to see folks talk about the place.  Makes us feel loved.

So go get some at Artifice.


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