[LNHY/ACRA] The Daily Super Short-Short Story #25

Saxon Brenton saxon.brenton at uts.edu.au
Wed Oct 6 02:41:20 PDT 2004

Martin and Jesse reply to the stuff I put in about dreams:

Not only do different people respond in different ways, but 
the same person can respond in different ways at different 

Most of the stuff that I had Shane go on about was literally
autobiographical in my case. I do have occasional dreams where
I use superpowers (my flying still sucks after more than 
twenty years, but my teleporting is getting really good, thank
you very much). The thing is these situations usally don't feel
like lucid dreaming to me, so like I had Shane say, I think 
this is a case on my mind using ingrained patterns of thought
(using suprpowers) to give me options which aren't available 
to me when awake.

Which is not to say that lucid dreaming will actually make things
easier for trying to take control of a situation: 
The section of the library I'm in has a gambling syndicate where 
we each put in some money and any winnings goes into the birthday 
cake fund. Earlier this year when it was my turn to buy the ticket 
we won about $65 or so, an then that night I had a lucid dream 
inspired by it:
In this dream a figure was trying to tell me I'd won $10,000, and 
I knew this was wrong. I kept saying so but this nameless figure 
kept insisting on its story.
"I haven't won $10,000."
'Yes you have won $10,000.'
"You're not real. I'm just dreaming. I haven't won $10,000."
'You really have won $10,000.'
"Look, we're at South West Rocks [a beach near where I grew up].
There are my two sisters, and there's Mum. Mum died four years 
ago. This is just a dream, and I haven't won $10,000."
'But you really have won $10,000.'
At which point I got irritated, flew up into the sky (and my 
flying actually worked fine and without effort, for once), and 
created a tremendous lightshow that cover the entire Earth 
which was accompanied to the Carpenter's 'Calling Occupants Of 
Interplanetary Craft' and filled everyone on the planet with an 
uplifting numinous experience. Then I flew back down to the 
ground and said, "See, I can't so that in real life. This is only 
a dream, and I haven't won $10,000."
'No, you really have won $10,000.'
"Arrghh! Shut the smeg up about winning $10,000!"

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