[LNHY/ACRA] The Daily Super Short-Short Story #25

Martin Phipps phippsmartin at hotmail.com
Tue Oct 5 13:30:26 PDT 2004

Jesse Willey <cabbagewielder at yahoo.com> wrote in message
news:<20041005002450.77962.qmail at web12101.mail.yahoo.com>...
>  I often realize dreaming and like it.  

I've done that too but I think you are less likely to wake up if you
totally believe in the reality of the dream.  When I was a student I
would try to force myself to wake up because I was worried that it was
time to get up already but forcing myself to wake up usually resulted
in another dream in which I THOUGHT I had woken up.  It's when I want
the dream to continue that I wake up... dammit.  I mean I'm not
cheating if it's just a dream, right?

> Much fun to be had there.    

Oh yeah.

> I find I have less control over dreams when on
> my AD/HD meds.  It is possible there is some
> connection between AD/HD and lucid dreaming. 

Makes sense.  If you remember your dreams when you wake up then you
will notice that they rely a lot on you forgetting what you had just
been doing so that you can believe in the reality of what's going on
in the dream right now.  It's like what was happening no longer
matters; it's only what is happening right now that's important and...
I'm sorry, what were we talking about?


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