[LNHY/ACRA] The Daily Super Short-Short Story #51 [long]

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Mon Nov 1 19:37:28 PST 2004

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>      In August of 1988 the then president George Bush Sr said that as

Just to be nitpicky, Bush wasn't president in August of 1988; Reagan was.
Bush was elected in November of 1988, and thus became president in January

Just to be really, really nitpicky, he's not really "George Bush Sr.", as
there's no "George Bush Jr."  (George W. Bush has a different name than George
Herbert Walker Bush, thus he isn't a "Junior".)

But that's probably just Obscure Trivia Lad being too nitpicky about
inconsequential matters.  (But then, if he can't do that, who can?)  :)

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