LNH: The Status of the Saviors of the Net

Arspitzer arspitzer at aol.com
Mon May 24 10:36:31 PDT 2004

For those of you who have asked to use the Saviors of the Net characters
here's the deal.  For the most part I'm like wReam and I don't really
care if you use them without my permission, but since I'm going to
write SotN #18 there are some that are going to be hands off.

I'll be retiring Dr. Netropolis's number.  SotN #18 will be her last
appearance.  So don't use her.  Feel free to make another character
named Dr. Netropolis if you want, but Vivian Netropolis will only
make one more appearance.

Captain Killfile should probably stay dead, but if someone has a
brilliant idea you can bring her back to life.

The Ultimate Savior:  Marc Singer gave him a pretty good death.  I'd
say Adler Stim is definitely dead.  But is Jesse Cashew?

The Human Aquarium:  Actually I don't think I ever wrote this character.
I think Steven Howard wrote him like a space cadet.  Do whatever you
want to him.

The Lava Lamp:  I guess he's the leader of the Saviors now.  Do whatever
you want.

The Mood Arrow:  Someone I think asked how this character should be
written.  I'd say he's a junkie addicted to joy and ecstasy arrows.  Do
what ever you want to him.

The Gothic Gorilla:  I'll making some major changes to him in SotN #18 so
you probably shouldn't use him till after it's been posted.

The Very Disturbed Scary Creature Man:  He's got his own series now I see.
Just so you know I reserve the right to write guest issues of any character
I create who has his own series.  (Yeah, I know it's an empty threat).  You
can use him as long as you don't reveal his secret identity.  That will be
revealed in SotN #18.

The Retcon RACCoon:  I'm exiling him to another dimension, but by now he's
probably figured a way to come back.  Feel free to use him.

Nudist Man:  I guess it's up to Tom Russell what his fate is.  I think Tom
once said that Nudist Man was public domain, but I'm not sure about that.

Arc:  Another Tom Russell character.  I guess if Alt. Lord is a rogue
Authorial simulation program then she would be too.

The Mechanical Author:  He stays embedded in the Fourth Wall (well till the
sequel 'The Mechanical Author Writes Again' comes out in 2035).

I'll try to get Saviors of the Net #18 out sometime before the year is through.
I'll post the whole series as a TEB and maybe add an interlude bewteen
#12 and #13 to create a smoother transition and maybe a introduction or

I do plan to use Always-Seems-Powerful-On-His-Own-But-Gets-His-Ass-Kicked-in-
Crowd-Scenes Boy as gently as Marc Singer used my own characters.  It will
be ASPOHOBGHAKICS Boy as we've never seen him before.  Or perhaps ever

I'd like to thank Marc Singer for giving this thing an ending, and it was
a great ending too.  One of the few chaotic add-on storylines that had a
satisfactory conclusion.  Overall the whole series reads pretty well.
My thanks go to Sam Vimes, Steven Howard, Tom Russell, Saxon Brenton, Jesse
Willey, Marc Singer, and Martin Phipps for participating in it.

I'll be editing my own issues for the TEB, but won't do the others.  You'll
have to send your own corrected copy to me if you want that in the TEB.

God knows what happens to the Saviors between SotN #18 and VDSC Man series.

As for some of some of my other characters:

The Legion of Net.Hippies:  Christ!  I can't believe that these characters
actually appeared again after Jong #4.  You can do whatever you want to
these characters just don't kill them without my permission.

Slobbering Grue!:  Not that anyone is their right mind would want to write
this character, but if you do I don't care.

Dr. Deadbeat:  Don't use without permission.

Arthur "This is all pointless since RACC is dead" Spitzer

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