[PRECOGS] Martin Phipps' Stuff

Martin Phipps phippsmartin at hotmail.com
Mon Mar 29 01:51:37 PST 2004

TITLE: Generation Zed, the New Class #3: New Genesis Part I

STORY: Several students drop out of Net.ropolis Academy to form LNH

DUE: Sometime in April.  It's written on paper but I still have to
type it.

TITLE: Generation Zed, the New Class #4: New Genesis Part II

STORY: LNH Asia is formed.

DUE: After #4 is posted.  It is just a continuation of #3 so I won't
write it out in full before I start typing it.  I wrote #3 out in full
because I wanted to make sure I had enough story for two issues.

TITLE: LNH Europe 2020 #1: Brothers Up In Arms Part I

STORY: It's 23 years after the formation of LNH Europe and there have
been a lot of changes.  I actually started writing this up in full on
paper when I realised that there wasn't enough room in the title for
both LNH groups.

DUE: I plan to take my time on this because I'm not sure if this is
going to be an ongoing series or a tightly knit miniseries.  Maybe
when the arc is completed I'll post the whole thing and then decide.

TITLE: LNH Asia 2020 #1: Brothers Up In Arms Part II

STORY: Somebody's out to kill Lagneto and LNH Asia wants to stop them.
 But what about LNH Europe?  Whose side are they on?

DUE: Shortly after LNH Europe 2020 #1.


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