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Saxon Brenton Saxon.Brenton at uts.edu.au
Mon Dec 20 19:35:02 PST 2004

Martin Phipps replied: 
> Saxon Brenton wrote:
>>      * Boy Lad founds the original Legion of Net.Heroes sometime in
>> the 1910s or 1920s -- the _Particle Man Annual_ doesn't give a firm 
>> date, but does say that this version of the Legion was winding down 
>> around the same time that the P.U.L.P. Institute was starting up, as 
>> well as that Boy Lad introduced personal angst about 50 years ahead 
>> of its time. The LNHHQ was a 3 story building in the centre of town. 
>> _Lagneto 2016_ #4 says that it had previously been the `Net.ropolis 
>> Grand Hotel', and _Ultimate Mercinary_ #4 notes that it was a `major'

>> hotel. Additionally _Jong_ #4 notes that while the Agents of P.U.L.P.

>> and the Classic Squad would use the LNHHQ occasionally, they didn't 
>> actually live there.
>>      The above date seems to jibe roughly with _Jong_ #4, which says
>> that Boy Lad and Boy Lad Jr disappeared in the 1920s. It doesn't jibe
>> _Lagneto 2016_ #4 which says that Boy Lad was active in the 1930s,
>> Martin later corrected this date with the likes of _Bride of
>> #7.
>>      {The one big advantage of the original Legion being active in
>> the 1930s was that the stock market crash of 1929 was an excellent 
>> reason for a `major Net.ropolitan hotel' to be closed so as to become

>> available for Boy Lad's use. Does anybody have any suggestions for
>> the Hotel Grand would have closed in the late 1910s or early 1920s?}
> That's what I was thinking too.  I figured that David Henry's story 
> was originally set in the depression era because here we had a large 
> building, regardless of what reason for which it was originally built,

> that was left almost vacant.  If I "corrected" myself later it was in 
> response to other people giving a different date and me using the 
> latter date without thinking about it.  Providing an alternative use 
> for LNH HQ also conveniently explains why the building was originally 
> built and why it was never torn when there was no active LNH.

   Okay then. I will note that this morning on the way to work it 
occurred to me that 'Man From PULP' covered the formation of the PULP 
institute, and while skimming through it I wasn't able to find any 
stated dates, but in the opening scenes Nick tells his daughter that 
PT Barnum (died 1891) is 48 years dead - meaning they were formed in 
1938, which is consistent with details later in the story of the US not 
yet having entered WW2.
   Therefore, unless someone wishes to rush up, grab me by the front of 
The shirt and scream in my face "Don't do it man! You're risking your 
sanity by continuing with this project!" I propose the rewrite/rejig the

history that'll be in LAL54 thusly:
   Net.ropolis Hotel Grand closes in 1929 stock market crash. Boy Lad
Boy Lad Jr adopt it as their headquarters. (As with other dates, I will 
describe them in what I hope is appropriately vague terms as having been

active in the '1920s and 30s'.) The rest of the timeline stands.
   Any further comments/feedback before I go back to the final draft?

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