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> Andrew asked:
> > Likewise, would cutting off the flow of Humor have disastrous results
> > similar to cutting off Drama?
>      Hmm.  Dunno.  It might seriously damage the universe, or it might 
> simply become more serious.  Or going off in the other direction, possibly 
> the void left by the absence of Humour would become filled with Angst, 
> which would be a fate worse than death.

Hmm.  Did nobody read here the first twelve issues of Journey Into
Irrelevancy?  Tom delt with this issue head on.  The rungs (or
whatever) of comedy were stolen by the villain and this lead to an
alt.ernate apocalyptic future which was deadly serious.

By the way, I should make the following disclaimer.


The portrayal of Mon.gosub.lians in LNH Asia: Full Throtle #1 is not
meant as a parody of Mongolians but rather as a parody of the way
Mongolians were portrayed in Charlie's Angels: Full Throtle.

I actually did date a woman for a while whose mother was ethnically

Hmm.  Nobody on this group sounds surprised to hear that.


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