ietf-nntp Summary from IETF 43

Stan Barber sob at
Tue Jan 5 21:06:32 PST 1999

NNTPEXT at the 43rd IETF

Notes prepared by Stan Barber, Co-Chairman

At this meeting of the working group, the main draft,
draft-ietf-nntpext-base-07.txt, was the only draft discussed in detail. Most
of the discussion was centered on relatively small changes to the document.
The first change was to remove the white space listed in the ABF at the end
of each command line. Next, there was a discussion concerning some of
potential conflicts on the nature of article numbering between this draft
and work that is going on in the USEFOR group in defining a "Replaces"
header. The consensus of the group was to leave this draft as is and deal
with the conflict should it actually manifest itself.  Stan Barber asked for
some assistance in expanding the "Security Considerations" section of the
draft to address some potential concerns the IESG might have with the lack
of a specific authentication mechanism in this draft. Ian King from
Microsoft volunteered to contribute. Finally, there was discussion about
clarifying the use of the not operator (!) in wildmat as well as the impact
of internationalization on wildmat. Dave Lawrence volunteered to contribute
some clarifications and examples for this section. The next version of this
draft should be available around February 14, 1999.

Towards the end of the meeting, Chris Newman arrived and there was a brief
discussion concerning his draft (draft-newman-nntpext-auth-01.txt). During
IETF 44, this final disposition of this draft will be decided.

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