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Digging deep to unearth this particular thread.
It's one of my favorites and I'm hoping it helps me deal with Things.


Royals: A DiVerse Alpha Chronicle
by Felix



As Euclid's pronouncement echoed in the starry void, Jack felt a shiver run
through his body; almost as if he had blacked out briefly and awoken with a
start.  And perhaps he had, from the way his heart was suddenly hammering
against his chest.

Whatever the case, the golden power - as Euclid had called it - was already at
work, the many glowing tendrils spiraling around him, then underneath.
Gathering for a moment, then suddenly - they arose!  Like a great fountain they
thrust him up, up, up!  So high, so fast, the little Prince's breath wheezed out
from the force of it!

But the moment he feared he might be shot into space like a meteor - the very
moment, it seemed - the rapid ascent slowed, and then stopped; and Jack came to
his feet, a little shakily, atop a nicely solid circle of purest gleaming gold.
In front of him loomed Euclid's head, the dragon's cross-pupiled gaze fixed
keenly upon him.

"What should I do now, Guardian?" Jack asked, still catching his breath from the
sudden move.  "I'd like to avoid upsetting things, if I can."

"I daresay you're upsetting them already," Euclid returned with just a slight
huff, though the faint spark of amusement in his eyes told the Prince not to
take his words too close to heart.  "But you may do as you like - so long as you
stay within that circle until I am finished with the adjustments."  Slowly, one
massive eye closed - the other shining even more fiercely, the rest of the
dragon's form starting to fade from sight.  "You will know when that is, I
assure you."

Jack looked down at his sandaled feet, as the Guardian's eye grew a little too
bright for comfort, and watched as soot-black designs began appearing in the
gold.  Tiny droplets spotted the surface as if falling from an invisible
raincloud, becoming denser and denser, forming arcane sigils, spirals, lines,

With eyes squinted in concentration, the little Prince laid a finger upon his
chin.  Curious - and curiously familiar, too.  But where had he seen these
shapes before?  He tried hard to remember, as the sable tracery continued
painting over the gold beneath his feet.

"It's almost like something I saw Mother use once, but not quite the same," Jack
murmured to himself.  "This is much... busier, I think.  What was she doing... a
travel spell of some sort?"

"Teleportation, I presume," rumbled Euclid, the tracery and even the golden
platform itself blurring and wavering for a moment in quite a disorienting
manner before becoming solid once more.  "This is related - but very different

The Prince steadied himself, his heart spiking nervously once more at the sudden
momentary feeling of groundlessness, and resolved to not be a distraction.  If
he could help it, anyway.  But if it wasn't teleportation, what manner of spell
/was/ he standing on?

As it so often does, the answer came through first-hand experience.

The arcane tracery ignited in an instant, each individual dot turning from black
to searing aetherpink in an instant.  Jack hissed his surprise through a jaw
clenched shut, fingers spasming half-curled as raw, wild magic coursed through
his body in waves, setting his skin prickling and burning as arcs of crackling
energy danced across him.

In an instant the Prince's mind flooded with cool, detached awareness: this
process was necessary, even as uncomfortable - painful! - as it was.  How he
came to this conclusion, he had no idea - but it was a truth as certain as any
other he'd ever accepted.

As the cool sensation overcame the searing, twisting, needling heat in the rest
of his body, Jack felt a gentle tug on the back of his neck, an unfamiliar hand
that reached /in/, and pulled- him- out?!

And then, suddenly, the Prince was floating in the void, looking at... himself.
Watching from /outside/, and seeing himself - his body, at least - frozen in
the grip of that sparkling rush of magic.  And yet... even though he'd never
done such a thing before, it all felt so... familiar.  He wasn't scared; he
wasn't even /surprised/, in fact.  As if this had all happened before... but,

Euclid's eye faded, the near-blinding orb dimming and disappearing from sight, a
cross shape hanging in the void for a moment before that too vanished.  And as
the light disappeared, leaving Jack alone with... himself, he began to see new
details.  Tiny, glittering threads, colored the same aetherpink as the wild
energy still swirling and crackling around his body, looped around his wrists
and ankles, trailing off and up into the deep void.  Ah - another came into
view, wrapped across his chest and extending straight up, up to... he couldn't
quite see.

It seemed as though he was a puppet of some sort, the Prince mused in his
bodiless state.  But who was the puppeteer?  And to what end?  He tried to ask
these questions aloud, but nothing happened; he wasn't sure anyone was there to
listen, even if he /could/ speak.

And so he moved - floated, shifted - around himself, spiraling his way up the
curious threads to see where they led.  Perhaps he'd find an answer or two.  But
would he manage before Euclid's spell was complete?  Or was this - all of this
strangely familiar experience - simply a result of the spell?  Or a necessary
step in it?  Or...

His mind brimming with exciting new possibilities, Jack's spirit rose higher and
higher, shooting up next to the pink threads like a little comet.  His tiny
silver soulspark pulsed rapidly, then gleamed gold as desire and curiosity
fueled a sudden evolution.  The climbing spark blossomed into a regal form:
humanoid, haloed with a ring of stars, wrapped in a flowing gown.  A staff - no,
a scepter, it was shorter - grew from a sparkle in his hand (ah, he had hands
again, that was much better!), like the Queenstaff but smaller.

"What a mysterious place," the Prince finally said aloud, as he rocketed up into
the darkness; mostly to ensure his voice still worked.  And it did, though he
sounded a /little/ different... perhaps.  It was hard to be entirely sure.

And then it wasn't darkness he was heading into, suddenly; as though a curtain
had been pulled back, in front of him appeared the unmistakable sight of the
Helix.  And not only the massive mirrored gears, but also - a crowd?!  A
veritable host of glowing figures, all standing solemnly - well, floating - in
rows on the opposite side of the threads.

And Jack heaved a sigh of relief as he saw in the front and center of the crowd
a familiar face, shining like a diamond, clad in armor that could only ever be
described as 'rad':

His sister, Princess Vanessa.

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